Wednesday, April 6, 2011


When I first thought of joining the university, all I wanted to do was just giving lectures to students. That's it, just lectures and nothing else.
No more administrative works for me.
But that, like so many things in life, remained as a wish.
I don't blame anybody for this, just like my father rightfully said:"It is what you want..your choice".
With just two full-time lecturers in the entire department at the moment, what do you expect? I really don't mind having 3 solid subjects to lecture on, provided there is help around and adequate facilities.
Two of my tutors, who had helped a lot in laboratory works, have now gone to Glasgow for their PhD. They will not be back till they have finished their study and that will be in 4-5 years time.
Commuting from my house to City and KUSZA campuses can be outright uncomfortable, especially knowing well that there will not be a parking space waiting for me when I come back.
Well, I am just voicing my feelings, that is all. I am thankful to Allah for giving me this job. But being a mere mortal, I too can get tired and fed up with all the inadequacies and mind you, I am no more a robust young man like I used to be those days.
And this irritating, hacking and non-productive cough lingers on. The cough worsens at night time. I just could not sleep as easily as before any more. Now I realize that there goes one more of the numerous blessings from Allah...falling to sleep every where as long as I want to.
I pray to Allah that I still have the energy and zest to provide for the next 8 years!