Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Since she mis-sat on the chair on her verandah and fell down hard on her buttock on the wooden floor of the verandah some three months ago, she has not been able to stand up, let alone walk.

She has been lazy-chair-ridden since that fateful fall.

Immediately after the fall she was taken on an ambulance to Kemaman Hospital. X-ray and other tests showed that she only suffered from soft-tissue injury, no broken bones.

There were only bad bruises on the inner side of her thigh.

She complained of great pain and her right leg could not bear weight at all. She had to use her left leg to scoop up her right one whenevr she wanted to move up or move down her legs from the lazy chair.

I have tried to motivate her to use her leg again, but she refused. It was just too painful for her, she said.

She also said that she was not comfortable in the bed. She preferred the lazy chair. It was just pitiful seeing her to do everything on the lazy chair - bathing, praying, sleeping, resting and even answering the call of nature.

If then only my father was bed-ridden, now it looked like we have our mother in similar condition but instead of bed-ridden, she was lazy-chair-ridden.

Our father has accepted his condition and does not complain much. His patience is admirable.

On the other hand, our mother, because of the sudden change, finds it very difficult to accept the fact that she may not be able to ever walk again.

We are praying very hard so that she could walk again, but from the look of things, she may not be able to do so unless she herself fights back.

Pity Roseyati, our youngest sister, she has to quit her job just to look after our mother's needs. She is the only one amonmg us patient enough and well-liked by mother to look after her.

I try my best to be around her whenever I am free, listening to her non-stop chat, reminiscing of those yesteryears. Her body language told us that she loves it whenever we are around.

Our father is not choosy as far as food is concerned. He eats almost everything that we served him. Mother, on the other hand, tends to be picky and choosy about food and at the same time her appetite is not as good as father's.

Because of that she becomes very emaciated fast. Father remains as he is, he does not experience much weight loss.

To ALLAH we pray that He give us patience and perseverence to be able to look after our mother and father well in this time of great testing. Please give us courage and wisdom to handle two of most beloved persons in their old age.

Please also give them patience, grit and determination to face the great test of ALLAH and may they continue be happy and submit to the will of ALLAH. Amin...


After telling her that this may be our last visit to the State's Award Presentation ceremony in Pekan Palace she finally agreed to accompany me.

Of course, like any other ladies around, she needed a brand new Baju Kurung and matching head scarf and shoes for the royal occasion. She got it all, courtesy to my extra generosity..ha ha

So that morning off we went to Palace Pekan. We arrived just in time to find our seats. We were seated in the first and second chairs of row 6 left.

Before we were allowed in of course we had to undergo a screening for fever. We were healthy, no fever and off we were whisked off into the palace hall (balairung seri).

My wife was cmplaining of the extra strong airconditoner's fan. It gave her the chill. I was fine, the temperature was just nice.

His Majesty The Regent would be presenting the awards. There were all together 57 receiving DIMP. Dr Soeraya's nama was not there. May be she will receive it in the next function (I heard that may be it will be in April).

Malek Nor, our famous body builder and sumo wrestler received his DIMP from the Regent. Ella, the rock queen, was awarded SMP.

The quiet hall was buzzing with sighs of unsatisfaction when a recipient made a huge blunder just after he received his Dato'ship.

He turned his back on the Regent and walked straight to the line-up with his back facing The Regent - a big no no as far as the Royals is concerned.

It is considered very rude. I wonder what ever happened during rehearsals the day before.

A man next to my wife sarcastically said that the act was surely a sign of rudeness, not respecting the Royal as he should be.

Others who received DIMP were my friend the Director of Fishery, Manager Fraser Hill Development Corporation, Forestry Deputy Director General. An aging retired police officer surprised everybody when he also received his DIMP.

After luncheon, we all went to meet and shake hands with the Regent and the Princess. My wife was very excited talking and hugging Dato' Tan's wife. They were very close even though they rarely met.

Just before we left the Palace, Hasnan told us that Hadi's father had just passed away. He was eighty. We paid a visit to Hadi's house to pay our last respect to his father.

We were a bit late. The burial had just been completed before we arrived.

Time travelled so fast that come to think of it, it has been over a year since I received my DIMP. I wonder if I will still be invited to the Palace after my retirement.


He was very fond of walking barefoot and the only clothes he was in everytime I met him was that very familir batik sarong rolled up to his belly button.

He has never been seen to wear any shirt; he prefers being shirtless (melenggeng as we sometimes call it) exposing his aging body to the weather.

He normally walks around from his home (I did not exactly where) to the grocery store in the row of shophouses in front of Taman Samudera Timur.

Everytime we passed each other, be it on the road or in the store, the most he did was give me a smile or a nod.

Amalia was always scared whenever he passed our house. I told her that he would harm no one. He was always walking around minding his business.

Everybody call him Pok Su (Pok is Uncle and Su is the nickname for the youngest in the family).

No one actually knows why Pok Su behaves like that or since when he started walking around and being speechless.

Once there was a man who also walked around, but he was always seen walking and carrying a gunny sack of 'properties' on his back. His properties included empty cans, old coconut shells, newspapers, etc. He would stop and said the Muezzin's call to prayer everytime he heard the call from a mosque.

Stories had it that he misappropriated (polite term for swindled) someone else's properties. Because of thet he was cursed with the extreme love of materials.

Back to Pok Su, once he broke his silence when I politely asked him: "Beli apa Pok Su ? (What are you buying Pok Su?

Surprising me Pok Su replied: "Rokok daun (Nipah cigarettes)".

Knowing that Pok Su is not a mute after all, I would always talk to him, trying to make he talk.

Yesterday, once again I met him on the road to the grocery store. I again asked him : "Where are you going?"

He smiled and replied: "I'm going to the shop to buy biscuits."

I smiled back and he gave me a very special long smile. I knew that he was very please with me willing to talk with him.

Finally Pok Su responded. He was no mute after all!


Babies after babies were reported rubbished into places where they were not supposed to be - in dumpsites, rivers, bushes, roadsides, etc etc.

A few lucky ones, though frequently riddled with mosquito bites mark, were found by passersby and brought to safety.

Many suffered crueller fates...last few days one lost a limb after he/she fell victim to a stray dog. Some were just thrown away into rivers and drowned. Their bloated bodies were caught at rubbish traps and found by rubbish disposal workers.

Toddlers were kicked and tortured, some were sexually attacked by monsters called human beings.

What is happening? Where is our humanity? Has it disapperaed into thin air following our greed, uncontrolled and unsatiable sexual lust?

What is clear is that nowadays many of our youngs take sex as something trivial, just like breakfast, lunch and dinner.

When this happens, abortions and baby dumping will naturally follow.

In one PTA meeting I recently attended, the Principal announced that nowadays girls felt that it is embarassing not to have boyfriends. They must have boyfriends come what may.

To have boys firmly attached to them they go as far as letting their jewel crowns go to the irresponsible good-for-nothing boys.

They lack self-esteem and self-respect, these girls. No self-respecting girl will be serious with a boy who wants to destroy her. That is not love, my girls. That's satanic lust!

Parents should tell the children that they are priceless. No one should damage them and they should maintain their virginity or purity at all cost!

They should establish a strong Intelligent, Emotional and Spiritual equotient. Be more religious..adhere strictly to moral and cultural needs.

Parents should be more forgiven in mistakes that their children made. Never dispose and disown them. They are, after all your very own blood, sweat and tears.

Bring back humanity to our community!

Monday, March 29, 2010


Dato' Ahmad Sabree Chik(not too sure of the spelling), the Minister of Youth and Sports and also a fellow Sdara officiated SMKSI'S 31th PTA General Meeting last Saturday.

In his well-prepared speech he stressed the importance of the school not to be dwelling only on getting the most number of students scoring straight A's in public exams.

It should, starting from now, look into other things that students can excel in, things like sports, musics, arts, etc etc.

He gave the 18-year-old Korean who had won the Malaysian open golf recently as an example. At that young age he had collected 2 million ringgit in collections alone.

I agree partly with him. But I guess there should be a precautionary statement not chase the money too does not ensure happiness and prosperity in life, trust me. there are so many millionaires around who suffered and died alone with all the money in the bank!

What I want is the creation of all-round students, not just students who score straight A's but know almost nothing about life, living in the real challenging world.

The YDP was something else too, a figure worth emulating. Despite of his illness, he was still very zealous about looking after the good name of SMKSI.

As usual with PTA meetings, mothers overwhelmed fathers in term of being present in the meeting. I think it is high time more fathers come to PTA meetings in the future.

In the election of office bearers, I was elected as one of the committee member of SMKSI PTA. Well, I guess i will try my level best to contribute significantly to the well being of the school and the students.

SMKSI students, teachers and parents should bring back those golden years of the school. The day when SMKSI was referred as the School, Sultan Ismail School (SIS), the school that excel in academics as well as extra-curricular activities.

In the Chorus speaking, there were three cousins taking part, Noorul Amalia (our daughter), Amilin and Atiqah (my nieces). I was so proud of them.


How many times have you seen car drivers or motorcyclist driving in the dark without their headlights off?

I don't know about you, but personally I have encountered many and had near accidents too many to my comfort.

Take this morning for instance. As I was overtaking a seemingly-happy-taking-their-own-sweet-time-as-if-they-were-the-only-cars-on-the-road queue, just in the nick of time, seconds away I saw a car without the headlights in the opposite direction.

I squeezed on the brakes and got back into the queue. What did that driver was thinking? Did he think he could save a lot by doing so? Did he intentionally want to get himself killed?

Please switch on your headlights, you will not save anything if you don't. Your life can go out in a blink, instead.

Motorcyclists are worst. They seem to think that riding without headlight is something heroic, macho. Adding salt to the wound, they also love to put on black attire while riding.

If you don't love your life anymore just remember others who might lose everything because of your attitude and action.

Your life is worth saving, no matter how bad you think about yourself.

Friday, March 26, 2010


It has always been her dream to renovate our dry kitchen and make it a showcase, you know with a kitchen cabinet and so on. In fact it was her top priority since we moved in into the house.

Yesterday her dream became a reality. She had a brand new and cute little dry kitchen!

The table top was brilliant shining black and the cabinet was all shining white. The pipe in the sink was also changed - now the water flowing through it was for sure a lot faster than before.

To match the new cabinet was a beautiful red-tulips-decorated blind and a beige kitchen floor. No more that sticky kitchen tiles.

Besides the dry kitchen, Amalia too was very happy with her brand new bedroom set. She personally chose the all-white bed, sliding-door cupboard and make-up things.

Those we the beginning of renovation works to our Teduhan Syakirin (Shakirin's shelter).


The visit to the district of Bera ended with a high tea organized by the Bera Poultry Association. It was tiring no doubt, but the activities were well-planned and useful.

The layer farm visit brought another interesting find - the gaharu (sandalwood). They planted sandalwood trees in between poultry houses as well as along the roads. They also operated a nursery with thousands of sandalwood babies ready for sale.

On the way back, along the road overlooking the majestic lazy-flowing Pahang river suddenly an extraordinarily gusty wind broke out. Trees marching along the road swayed with the gust and leaves, twigs and even branches fell down littering the narrow road.

I reminded Hasnan to be extra-careful.

Suddenly cars in front of us stopped causing a very long queue. What could it be? An accident or a tree falling?

It was a huge tree on the road blocking both sides of the road.

We waited and waited for more than 30 minutes before a villager on a motorcycle informed us that there was a farm road that we could take to get out of the jam.

We turned back and headed for the road. We were not the only ones that knew of the road. Long queue of cars and even lorries were already there on the road.

As we came of the road into the main road we found that the tree had been removed. Aha! If only we had waited it out, we would not have gone through the unnecessary difficulty!

Patience paid after all for the other drivers!

Further along the road we saw more damages. A large tree fell just in front of a fish-selling stall. Rood of another stall was blown away by the gust.

I reached home well after nine and went to sleep early. Diyana and her friends who are planning to go to Redang island have not arrived.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I don't know why, but the Asian koels, there was a pair of them in the office's compound, were so noisy the past few days.

They somewhat warred in strident crescendos from atop a big rubber tree on the hill behind Dr Razi's now-empty quarters. The songs were koel, koel...

Keen eyes were needed to actually see these elusive and miserably shy birds.
I used to walk around to catch a glimpse of the bird whenever I heard that very familiar cry.

The male was glossy black while the female was brwonish, more like our village chicken's colouring. Please go back to my older entries to see pictures of the bird.

There it goes again, ever so noisy. Perhaps it was calling for his missing spouse, who knows.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


In the classic Malay film entitled 'Batu Belah batu Bertangkup' a mother plunged herself into the batu belah after her little son consumed all her temakul (mudskipper) roes.

The son, played by the late Bat Latiff, was bent on finishing the roes while the sister pleaded with him to leave some for their mom. She even tried replacing the roes with omelet.

Her brother refused. She had to fulfill her brother's demand and so there was no more temakul roes for mom.

When she came home and found there was no more temakul roes, she began sulking saying that her children did not love her any more.

She ran towards the batu belah. On the way she sang that tear-jerking song: "Batu belah batu bertangkup, makanlah aku telanlah aku, aku kempunan telur temakul..."

I wonder was the temakul roes that good that a loving mother sulked so much that she gave herself to the batu belah batu bertangkup (splitting rock)?

I have never tasted temakul roes before. Have you? I wonder if anyone of you have tasted temakul fish or its roes?

I know that Japanese love temakul fish and its roes. I have seen them fishing temakul using wooden boats on mud flats.

I know other types of roes - mackerel, red snapper, trigger fish, giant herring..

Besides roes, I also love fish innerts - you know the stomach, liver, heart (especially tuna's), gills (only in some fish) and lips!


I'm still in office; not because I'm too hardworking, it is just that I have another meeting tonight!

Today I have three must-attend-myself meetings! Each meeting lasts 2-3 hours, just calculate how many hours I have to sit and listen, rarely speaks when asked and sometimes interjects when it gets too dull.

Tonight's meeting is important. I have to defend my reorganiztion plan. Though I will not feel the changes if it is approved, but I just want my predecessor to have it easier running the state.

I have to wait it out in my room, take a bath and get ready for the presentation.

Diyana just called saying that she cannot claim the taxi's car insurance for her car damages. I told her never mind, just use her own car insurance to claim that.

Pity her having to deal with all the hassles getting her car repaired.
For her second accident, the damages are worsed than expected. She crashed into something on the road and as the result he punctured the front tyre and ripped off the engine's cover.

I told her that's what driving a car in a city is all about. just be patient and more careful always.


I have received my pensioner's card, well ahead of my official optional retirement date of 22 July.

JPA must be saluted for the being ridiculously efficient in issuing the card.

I do hope the giving out of gratuity and golden handshake money is as fast too.

With the card my mind is already thinking of retirement from the department. I'm not going to stop working but just stop working with the department.

UMK is begging me to consider working there, but there is also UDM. I am more inmclined to accept the latter, not for anything else but just because it is in KT, much closer to home.

Have to see their offers first though.

Friday, March 19, 2010


What we normally say, if repeated, may become prayers, so they say.

Take the good wish we normally say to newly weds - "May you two be happy and prosperous till you have grandchildren". When everybody whom you have invited wishes you so, then it becomes a reality. Divorce comes soon after you have grandchildren.

It is better if you all wish: "May you be happy and prosperous forever."

This phenomenon really occurs when you are performing Haj in Mecca. Everything you say or even think will often become reality.


1. "I'm scared my slipper will be lost," you said or think just before you go into the mosque for prayers. That will be the last time you see your slippers. You should never think (hope) that something bad will happen, it will happen, believe me.

2. "After prayers, you wait here," you said to your wife. So long after the prayers your wife will still be waiting for you there and you are no where to be seen. You are asking your wife to wait, so she waits! Instead You should have said: "Ee will meet here after prayers."

3. My late biras (husband of my sister-in-law) said: "It will be good if I am buried here" as somebody told him about the empty spaces in the burial ground in Medina. True to his hope, he passed away soon after after heart failure and true enough, he was buried there.

That's why we all should always be positive in our thinking or in our saying.

These are just a few examples that I know of how what we say or what we hope will become a reality.


Somnambulism, or sleep-walking may happen to anybody, more common among children and less common in adults.

Personally I have seen a fellow university student sleep-walking from her room right up to the fruit orchard, a distance of more than a kilometer away.

A friend was found sleeping under a bacang (a kind of mango) tree with a two-foot 2 X 4 in his hand and a few mangoes around him. No one knew exactly what had happened to him,but I believed that he had sleep-walked and sleep-threw the fruits with that piece of wood.

Reports of people who woke up from sleep and walked all the way from the bedroom to the kitchen and consumed whatever in the fridge were also common.

What happened to little Harith (RTL's grandson) might be a small version of somnambulism.

How and why does it happen, nobody knows.

It is also very common among many to experience what is termed as being pinioned by ghosts ( a ghost lying on the body preventing movement and making breathing difficult).

Just last night my son and his room mates told me that they experienced it.

What was it really and what actually caused it?

Will someone explain these two phenomena.


Leeches, many (especially the women folks) hate them, not only because of their blood-sucking nature but also for their crawly and rubbery method of locomotion!

There are two types of leeches here, the small crawly ones (pacat) and the big swimming ones (lintah).

Pacat is found almost everywhere, even in my lawn! They are found in bushes, jungles and in our National Parks they can be found even on bare soil, roots and branches.

They can get to you in so many ways. If you visit the National Parks, they can even crawl up or just drop from twigs to your armpits if you are all covered up feet upwards!

How to prevent them from getting to you? Someone told me to wet some tobacco and apply the tobacco juice to your feet. The pacat will not climb up your feet even if you place your feet right in front of them.

But don't worry. You will not feel any pain during the pacat's blood-sucking process. The onlly sensation you may feel is a slight itch. It will fall down once it is full of your blood. You will realize it only when it has fallen down and blood oozing out from the puncture wound.

Lintah, the bigger version, is a different story. It is normally found in swamp and rivers. They swim to anything alive to suck up blood.

Once a lintah got itself lodged into my skin ulcer (kudis) when I was collecting a water plant (kiambang) for my fighting fish. It stuck tightly to my wound that I had to use a stick to pull it out.

Lintah are always related to buffaloes. Sometimes you can find three of more leeches on a buffalo.

Recently a girl was reported dead when a leech got into her digestive system through her anus. I am not too sure whether a leech can cause death in that case, but they found dead leech and blood clots coming out of her.

There is a chemical secreted by the leeches to prevent blood from clotting during sucking process. It is called hirudin. It is a very potent anti clot and has been used in human medicine.


People have fear; fear of the dark, fear of ghost and the unknowns, fear of failing , so on and so forth.

What's your greatest fear?

I will just highlight one fear, that is fear of love.

Strangely there are people who fear love. They fear that they are not good enough to be loved. They reject love before they are rejected.

When someone come to them and say that he/she is looking for a more serious relationship, they question themselves whether they are good enough, whether that person really means business, what will happen if that person leave them and the questions go on and on.

Finally they end up as unmarried person forever. What a waste and it is sad just to think that they will have no descendents to continue their genes on this world.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Looking up the tall coconut trees bordering the now-overgrown-with-secondary-forest plots of land that mother has divided between the nine of us, I wonder whether I can still climb up one.

The young coconuts are all very inviting, more so in the hot and dry weather we were experiencing now.

The just-right young jelly-like coconut flesh also will for sure sooth my dry throat.

There are up there, ready for the picking, but who can I ask to get me one or two?

Nieces? Ah they are still too young and soft to climb up the almost-six-metre tree. The trees lacking those grooves for us to step on do not help much for novice climbers.

Hoping for the coconut-plucking short-tailed macaques? I have not seen any in the vicinity for a long time now.

What else can I do to get at the succulent flesh and the thirst-quenching coconut water?

May be I will just use a long wooden pole to bring down the coconuts. Well it is worth a try.

Using all the strength and skills in me, I manage to bring down two. The soft weeds break their fall and prevent them from breaking on me.

The coconut water, argh was heaven on Earth. The flesh afterwards was even better.

Oh coconut water and flesh. that is why a coconut water is called a life giver. All its parts can be useful in some way to mankind.


SPM results have been announced. The anxious waiting was finally over.Some are jubilant while many more are unhappy with their results.

Those top scorers are praised, admired and made hero of by parents, relatives, media and friends. They are worth all the praise and admire. They deserve them.

But what about those who did not get enough A or no A at all? They have been kept aside and their feelings uncared for by many.

Do they deserve all these?

Are their future that gloomy as portrayed by these statements:

"Hai ya, no A ah...".

"Why no A?"

No! No! Their future is not as bleak as the attitude shown by many.

The same goes for the high achievers; their success in life is still uncertain and they cannot afford to sit on their laurels. They still have a long way to go.

To those who did not do too well, do not fear. You still have a long way to go to achieve whatever you set your mind to.

Never for once think that you're already a failure. You're far from that, believe me. I have seen many who did not do particularly well in SPM have a successful life. In fact many of the millionaires today never scored as many A's before!

In fact many of them did not even go to the ivory tower!

Go on, choose a career path carefully. Get advice from your parents and seniors. All that is important is grit, determination and perseverence.

Remember you all are still young and with the right attitude, guidance and never-say-die spirit you all will be successful in life.


Money, Money, Money and more money.

Money means different things to different people.

Some find money just to live, but many find money to make more money, no matter how and does not matter whether laws are broken or not or people are hurt on the way.

There are people who first they had nothing, but then they found wealth (usually in a dubious way) and they change for the worst.

There are also people who first had nothing, found wealth and they remain as they were before, humble and kind.

I have met both types of rich people. Have you all?

Some newly rich people suddenly feel that they need more attention from other people. The standard of things or services that they require suddenly increase, most often annoying, to say the least.

They become arrogant, extremely self-centred and most often than not, looking down upon less fortunate people and very scared of losing their money - so they become very calculative in everything they do.

On the other side of the coin, there are those people who become rich but remain as they were before - humble, generous and ever willing to help other people.

Some say money is everything, but others say money is not everything, but everything needs money now.

Others say health is more important than wealth, but to remain healthy does need some kind of money, though not necessarily being filthy rich!

What do you think?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


When my DDG suggested stray dogs be used as a source of meat there was a protest by a man who claimed that it was unbecoming of him to suggest such a thing.

Why not? I am not against the idea if they do it in a humane way. I mean if those meat-dog lovers slaughter the dogs in the right way. At least they get rid of those inhumanely disposed dogs that scrounge the streets and endangering humans through bites.

I have seen certain areas clear of stray dogs when the population of dog-meat lovers are there in the area.

What I do not like is when they dog-nap expensive pet dogs from houses just to fulfill their desire for dog meat. I heard that they prefer dark-coloured dogs more. So breeds like rottweiler and daschund become their target.

The same thing happened to stray cat population when another nationality makes the place their home.

Can you guess who are they?

Controlling stray dogs is not an easy task for anyone. Shooting, like we used to do in the past is no longer suitable. It is just cruel and against the basic principle of our department's existence - that is to look after animal's welfare.

Other methods, such as using nets, wires, etc are easier said than done. Stray dogs can be nasty to catchers.

When the population of stray dogs is allowed to grow uncontrolled, then the problem of dog bites also increase, especially during mating season.

What to do then?

What I have suggested in my paper is to round up these dogs in a place, select the good ones, have them examined and vaccinated and then export them to those dog-loving countries.

I am sure private bodies can look into this matter seriously. I know for a fact that Americans will fall in love with our local dogs, clean and healthy that is, once they see them.


Diyana's Vios was rammed in from the left by a taxi driver near KLCC's parking area causing dents on the left rear door.

She kept on calling me asking me what to do. Pity her, but that was the way for her to learn. I understood very well how she must have felt moments after her car was hit. I was involved in so many car accidents those days.

Thanks God except for that dents and a bit of panicky and losing temper episodes, she was all right and managed to continue working that very day.

Raju, the taxi driver admitted that he was on the wrong and for that he was fined by the police as he came to report the accident.

As for Diyana's car damages, she will claim from his car insurance company.
A mechanic promised to pick up her car for repair the coming Monday.

My hemorrhoids bleed again this morning. It has been two days now. It bled like no one's business as soon as I sat on the toilet seat, spraying the bowl red.

May be I will be just like one great Indonesian violinist and musician, Idris Sardi, who was known for continuing working despite of his bleeding hemorrhoids.

A medical doctor whom I met on Kuala Krau bridge recently informed me that I've to earn myself a hemorrhoidectomy as the after-surgery pain will be more than the condition itself.

For the past two days too I have been drinking Moringa tea that Mr Romni gave me.

Monday, March 15, 2010


Last Friday I again visited Jerantut district. It was to complete my last visit to the district - remember my tv appearance wearing the cowboy hat cleaning the soon-to-be-converted-to-cattle-shed pig sty?

My first destination was to Hj Hamzah's famous smoked beef.He was still the same as my first visit. His smoked beef and fish was still high on demand. It was a pity that he did not have the manpower to expand and diversify.

I suggested to him that he should diversify his products. One very viable product was something like the American jerky. He should produce more of such products in future.

His lemang and smoked beef treat under the cherry tree was something else.

The we proceed to the veterinary reserve land in Perlok. That 250-acre land has been approved to two parties. The land was still under sedcondary forest and with terrain I did not think it will be cheap to develop.

After Friday prayers at Jerantut mosque and a hurriedly taken lunch, we left for a Napier grass trader. He surprised me by telling that he was earning RM10,000 a month by selling grass even at 10 sen per kg.

On the way back to Kuantan I stopped at Mat Kilau's, the famous Malay warrior fighting the British, cemetery. As I approached the cemetery two beautiful black racket-tailed drongoes flew away from a Bacang tree nearby.

On a marble or was it granite information stone I saw one word that irritated me - the word grave. It was very rude to refer the resting place of a great warrior as grave. It belittled his contribution to the state, the nation and Islam. It should be cemetery instead of a grave!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


It always sadden me everytime I hear of people getting killed in road accidents involving stray animals.

Today such accident happens on PLUS highway and another human being lost his life.

Who to blame in such cases? The stray animal, the driver or the cattle owner?

The answer is simple to many, but will he take responsibility over the loss of life?

No, in all road accidents involving stray animals here, nobody will claim responsibility. Nobody will willingly say that he is the owner of such and such an animal once the animal is dead on the road.

He will remove all his ownership there and then and will normally leave the body to rot away under the sun.

Even the company that is within his role to do so will not remove and bury the body. And so the dead body will decompose slowly till the only thing left is skin and bones. If there were crows or monitor lizards around, of course the body will be finished off faster.

But the scenario will be different if a tiger is involved.


Do not feel bad when another fellow human being criticizes or complains about you or your deeds.

Even the Almighty Allah, despite of numerous and too-many-to-count blessings He bestowed upon us, we still complain.

When it rains, we complain about rain, but when it is hot like now, again we are not satisfied. We complain when it is cold and we complain when it is hot.

When there is too much water we complain and when there is too little water we also complain.

I do not mean to complain, but just to report the many forest fires that we have now.

As I commute daily between Kemaman and Kuantan, I see grasses and shrubs along the road were either raging with flame or just simmering with just smokes clearly seen adding more carbon particles and other gases to the already polluted air.

In many areas the skyline is somewhat violet to purple, giving the feel of intense heatiness coming our way.Or is it because of the hot spots caused by the forest fire?

Early this morning, at about 3.20am to be exact, I was supposed to get ready leave for Putrajaya. To my surprise there was not even a drop of water coming from the pipes as I sat down to do my usual morning thing.

I had to scrounge the house looking for a pail of water to do you know what. Only the garden pipe had water and so I had to bring in the water pail by pail just so that we could have a bath.

Because of that I had to cancel my drive to Putrajaya International Convention Centre for the MAPPA thing.

Adding salt to the wound, my handphone went caput suddenly. At 3.35 am I could neither send an sms nor call Hasnan about the cancellation.

Pity him having to wait at the toll exit for about 90 minutes, from 4.00 to 5.30 am before my hp was ok again and he received my message.

At my office I decided to just stay in and finish whatever work I was supposed to do.

The first thing was to receive a farmer from Nenasi for an appeal to reduce the compound for letting his animal loose. I was in a good mood today and so he went home losing only RM200 that morning.

Then received a call from Norazlina who was so very happy that at last she got the Agriculture officer post. She was happy but I would lose another one of my staffs. I congratulated her for the new post and hope that she would be happy with her new job.

I can't be so stressed out thinking about the problem that I will be facing. I don't want to end up being shrivelled on the day I take my last long leave before I retire. I want to fill the remaining working days doing something light and memorable.


I am blessed with a constant weight. My weight has been hovering between 78-80 kg since I was in university. So it is clear that obesity is not my problem.

I do not have any special dietary regime or rigorous exercises. It is just that I control my diet (many a times, especially during seminars where buffets are served, I can go overboard too).

During weekdays:

A light early breakfast (at 6.20 am) of a slice of bread, two half-boiled eggs and a mug of tea.

No 10.00 am tea break (unless during meetings)

Lunch - Just a simple one of either chicken rice or fried noodles

No Afternoon tea

Dinner: Must be before maghrib prayers. Can be a bit heavy especially with wife's cooking!

But the MOST IMPORTANT thing is that I never like the super sweet cookies like those cakes, porridges, steamed cookies , etc

As far as exercise is concerned, I always walk as far as possible whenever I could in my daily activities.

Park in the farthest parking space. Stop being a King who was chauffered driven right to the door, and start learning to walk.

I walk to do my wet marketting on Saturday and Sundays (easily 100 metres plus the weight around 10-15 kg).

Before going to sleep I usually walk (briskly and not leisurely) to the grocery store (at least 100 metres to and fro) to buy whatever I have forgotten during the day.

Brisk walking is something that I have learned when we were in the States and I have been practising it since my return fourteen years ago.

By brisk walking I really mean and rapid rowing action of hands and legs. Back in Georgia, my professors loved to brisk walk during lunch break. A cool shower after sweating it out made them all fresher for the afternoon works!

It is very good exercise and at the same time very caring to your knees and joints too!

Monday, March 8, 2010


Yesterday I saw a squirrel, in a very casual and relaxed way, busily nibbling at a fig fruit. It was deftly holding and rolling the fruit to get at the crunchy sweet core while throwing away the still-green skin.

It did that barely a metre away from us, who were busy telling stories of our yesteryears. Stories of how we got married.

Amalia hurriedly snapped some photos with her hp. Much to her amazement the squirrel stayed doing just that as if begging for her to take pictures of it.

A cat from my mother's collection, stared at the squirrel for a moment. Then, all of a sudden it jumped into the tree and as soon as it grabbed hold onto the tree the squirrel fled onto the roof and disappeared into coconut trees at the back.

The squirrel was just too fast for the over-pampered cat. It gave that frustrated look as the squirrel was lost from sight.

It began with my story. My mother reminded us of how one man, the husband of my cousin in Tumpat, was scolded by his father-in-law (my mother's cousin) for writing a nasty letter to me accusing me of trying to snatch someone else's fiance.

He had written that very nasty letter after she and I exchanged letters just after I for the first time visited her house in Tumpat. It was her father who asked me to advise her to study hard for a better future.

I just did that. I wrote a letter after another motivating her to concentrate on her schooling.

He misunderstood my intention. At first I wanted to write back a similar or not worst letter. But I realised that I woukld be as bad as him by doing so. So that very night I burned all her letters and never again wrote to her.

Hearing the story, her father scolded his son-in-law for his act. I did not blame him fully after knowing later that her fiance was her relative and he was no match for me if I really had wanted her.

I thought I have met her husband once or twice, but I have never talked to her again for fear of accused of trying to destroys one's mosque.

I was in my final year DVM at UPM then. Thinking about it makes me laugh. I was after all still committed to my personal vow - never to get serious with members of the opposite sex before I was finacially ok, then.

Then came the story of my sister with two of her suiters. Both of them tried their best to win her hand in marriage. Both men were my cousins on my father's side, but they had never met before.

When one cousin told her mother that if he could not get her he would never marry for life, his parents were worried.

The father even came all the way to SDAR with a gunny sack of rambutans to coax me of allowing his son to marry my sister. I told him that he had to discuss with my parents.

Cutting the story short, his son won. They were married in a rather over-simplified wedding reception. She was just eighteen then! She would protest strongly to my parents whenever this story was told. No matter what, they were happily married till now.


Last Saturday 6 March we went to Roneza's wedding reception in Kampung Mak Chili. She is my staff in Bentong.

From where I parked my car we could hear the sound of that familiar traditional music, the silat music. It has been a long time since I last saw silat at wedding receptions.

I was happy that Roneza's family still remember the days when silat was a must in many of our Malay ceremonies.

There was already a big crowd at Roneza's house. All were eager to taste the nasi minyak, beef and chevon curry served.

The three of us walked straight to the house to congratulate Roneza on her wedding. Just as I was about to enter the house, a man, very familiar man, walked to me and said: "Azahar, isn't it?"

It was Abu Bakar Kassim, my standard six classmate! From then on we talked and talked till it was time for us to leave the party.

Actually Roneza's mother and Abu Bakar, they were cousins. It was indeed a small world.

Roneza was elegant in her purple wedding dress. We all took turn to have our picture taken. The mak andam of the day was non other than Ana, my wife's cousin.

I loved the beef and chevon curry. They were delicious!

Friday, March 5, 2010


There were two of them in our class. Both had very similar name, differed just because of different way of spelling.

One was Asiah and the other Aishah. Both were fair and quiet. I was a little bit closer to Asiah than Aishah. Aishah wore long jilbab and kind of very shy.

Asiah later graduated, one year later than us, with the DVM.

I knew that she was sick of late. She had contracted cancer and was on two-year medical leave for that.

Today I was shocked, almost dumb-founded, after reading Dr Razak's sms telling that she had passed away at Ampang hospital and would be laid to rest tomorrow morning.

Just a couple of weeks back, Mohd Noor, another friend from the same class, passed away due to Prostate cancer.

I have lost a friend. Condolence to her family. Our prayers are with you. Rest in peace my friend.


My wife has been nagging me for a Hill Mynah (Tiong Emas)since she first met a talking or rather mimicking Hill Mynah in a friend's house.

It looks like I will never buy her one. I know that she knows this for a fact. She knows that if I really want something, I will somehow or someway get it.

Getting a Hill Mynah is not a big deal for me. I can get it readily from Orang Asli and getting a license from the Wildlife department is no big deal either.

It is just that I hate to see animals, be it a bird, a cat or anything that lives freely in the wild being jailed.

Birds are wonderful to see if they are free to do whatever they like. Watching a kingfisher perched on a branch ready to pounce on a surfacing perch from the swamp was more fascinating than watching the most beautiful pheasant in a hurriedly constructed aviary!

Besides that I do not want to be committed to looking after the captive animal. Who's going to look after it when we are on a holiday? I never want to see an animal being deprived of TLC just because we want to enjoy ourselves.

From religious point of view, keeping animals in captivity is one reason why our prayers has not been answered.

Let them birds fly freely, roaming the sky, the forest and the fields for their food. Let them mix with their kinds and reproduce freely.

The most depressing sight for me is to see a dove (tekukur) being tied with a string and kep in a seemingly free cage but cannot fly free.

Oops I have just seen a beautiful jewel of the forest visiting my blossoming cherry tree, perhaps looking for a ripe fruit or getting nectar out of flowers. It is the tiny but noisy crimson headed flower pecker.

It is normal at this time of the day to see birds visiting our trees. The mango tree at the corner of our house is also busy fruiting. Its foliage provides a safe haven for both the bulbuls and starlings to spend the night in.


Animals kill their own kinds only for two reasons:

1. To eat to survive
2. To ensure their genes are passed on to their offsprings eg. A male lion kills other male lions cubs (looks cruel but necessary) to ensure the lioness comes in heat and thus it can mate and have its own cubs. A male lion usually have only 2-3 years to control the pride before it is chased away by the younger and stronger male lions.

In contrast, humans kill other humans for much lesser reasons such as:

1. Unpaid debts
2. Jealousy
3. Hatred
4. Vengeance
5. Skin colour
6. Religion
5. Oil
6. Materials such as money, car, etc
7. Crying babies
8. Shame
9. Car overtaking
10. Women, Men
11. Politics
12. Power, etc etc
13. Parliamentary seat

Just ponder about this. We are blessed with sophisticated brain, but why all the killings?


Have you heard and do you believe in orang bunian (sorry, I cannot find the English word it)?

Yesterday I told Lee about my real encounter with orang bunian. Lee was quiet all through my little story. He was carefully digesting my story perhaps.

My story began when I was still a baby, somewhere in Air Kuning, Negeri Sembilan.

My mother was shocked to find that I was not in my usual place, that was in between her and my dad, on the bed. She looked everywhere, under the bed, everywhere in the house. I was not found.

She only found the piece of batik sarong I slept on, neatly folded at the edge of the bed.

I just disappeared!

Ther news of my sudden and unexplainable disappearance soon spread in the police station. Everyone chipped in trying to locate the missing baby.

My mother was crying. She had lost her first son.

Then, at dusk, when my mom was taking her prayer's ablution, a humanlike figure approached her. She braved herself and listened to what the figure was saying.

"Take back your baby. He is not suitable...there is a birthmark on his left thigh..."

The figure disappeared before she could ask where the baby was.

She ran into the bedroom and there I was, sleeping peacefully on the bed, as if nothing great had happened!

According to my mother, the same thing happened to the brother of my grandfather very long time ago. He also disappeared into thin air, abducted by orang bunian.

His family maintained close relationship with him when he was in the orang bunian world. They got his help whenever anyone fell sick. They borrowed plates and other cooking paraphernalia whenever a party was held.

Whenever you borrow something from these orang bunian, the rule is return everything to them, be it broken pieces. Once things are not returned, the service stopped.

He was never again found and we lost contact with him after many many years of his disappearance.

Many think that orang bunians are djinns. Djinns' population is much more than ours. Soem are good and some can be nasty, just like us humans.

In the eighties, there are stories of people seeing beautiful bunian girls strolling in Chukai town at nights. At first nobody disturbed them and so they continue walking the town. then came a group of rowdy teenagers. they whistled and disturbed the girls and since then they never appaered again.

Once as Syafiq and I were on our home from Penang I saw a lady in white long dress by a bridge somewhere in Temerloh. What was she doing in the dead of the night alone? I quietly told Syafiq about her. He was all of a sudden very quiet. Scared perhaps. I continue driving without anything bad happening to us.

What about you? Do you believe in orang bunian? Have you seen any?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


It is always difficult to leave the place where you have been living for more than half of your life just like that.

It is more difficult to leave knowing that no one cares about your departure. Worst still knowing that someone is eagerly waiting to see you out so that he can sit on your chair.

It is always sad to go into oblivion. But like soldiers, they say soldiers never die, they just fade away.I wish I too will not die but just fade away.

May be all the goods that I have done will be kept some where in the department's history, of which I seriously doubt.

Even when I am still here many have forgotten my contributions.

I never hope and expect to be praised for the little that I have done, but at least remember that I was here once and for a very long time.

Though in this heart how I wish they remember me and name a room in one laboratory north with my name. Why not? Of course I never reach the highest department's management post, but seriously I was one of the very few who was responsible for the building of the new lab.

Time is running fast. I wonder if I ever have the time to revisit all the places that I have served, if not for anything important, just for old time's sake.

In these last three months, the number of officers is decreasing fast, but the amount of work that need to be done is increasing.

What can I do? I will just do things the best that I could do, one at a time without stressing myself too much.

I am just waiting for the day when I will take leave before the official retirement day.

I hope I will still be healthy and wise come that day so that I will be able to share my experience, skill and knowledge with the up and coming veterinarians and pathogists!


It is true wht they say - we humans are never satisfied with what we have.

First look at our skin. We Malaysians, particularly the women folks, are so bent on having their skin fair, white and radiant. So much so that they do not mind spending their hard-earned money on various types of lotions for just that - fair and white skin!

On the other hand and continent, Americans and Europeans are seriously looking into ways of getting their skin tanned.

What's so great about having fair or white skin? I wonder what women will answer? Those blessed with fair or white skin, no fret, but what about those with less fair and white skin? Do they feel inferior? I don't think so.

Then why bother?

Then they talk about so and so is lucky to have pointed nose and so and so has no nose bridge at all! So, those with disposable money will undergo surgery to so-called make their nose more pointed.

Those with less money to spend, will put on special make up to highlight her nose so that it looks pointed.

Little that they know, both pointed and not-so-pointed noses have their own strong and weak points. We should be grateful blessed with a nose. What if there is none?

Then of late many people are crazy about Angelina Jollie's lips. So they undergo all sorts of collagen, botox or vitamin injections so that their lips are like her and their chins are well-sculptured!

I have seen many who have undergone such treatment cannot even smile naturally. We can't tell whether they are smiling at us or what!

So womenfolks, be grateful with what you have and remember inner beauty is more lasting.


Today I see a dozen or more Pink-necked green pigeons busily gathering fruits from a tree. They always do so whenever there are fruiting trees around town.

They seem not to give any attention to the passing motorists. They just know that humans nowadays have no time to think about how good they are on plates!

They also know most probably very few people even know that they are edible and very delicious.

Kuantan city has lots of Pink-necked green pigeons. You can even see them right in the centre of the city. I remember seeing them on a tamarind tree near the taxi station. I wonder if the tree is still around.

Back home, there are plenty of them in our secondary forest covered piece of land. There too these birds flock in trees bearing fruits.

In Bahasa Melayu, they are called punai buah. There is also another type of pigeon called the Emerald pigeon (punai tanah) that prefer to dash in straight line not very high in the air. Their habit makes them very prone to crashing against glass windows or getting caught in fences.

In the sixties, they were shot at during their return home flight at near dusk. I used to run after the falling birds and get money for every bird that I brought back to the hunter.

When I was in Malacca, the then Governor used to order village folks to bring them to his palace. He liked the birds very much.

These birds are very easy to keep. I remember seeing them nesting in an aviary in KL Hospital's aviary despite of the crowd of visitors there.

Like the squabs (the youngs of the common pigeons), they too will make very good food if you know how to catch them, that is.


Our house's renovation began with the replacement of the faulty front door. The old door was replaced with one with an oval painted glass in the middle. She personally painted it with the glossy white paint and it looked very good.

The second door to go was the ground floor bathroom's. It was replaced with one that was pink and collapsible type, just like the one in a plane's toilet.

Then all of a sudden she decided to make white her main colour. Again, she painted the old kitchen cupboard white. The flower metal vase was also rejuvenated with a coat of white paint.

Her latest plan, an old craving of hers really, was to build the dry kitchen cabinet. Yesterday she called Juli to discuss things and she has decided to build one and also replace the sticky kitchen floor with the new flooring.

Why all the hustle and bustle of redecorating the house? Kamal, her brother, is getting married soon. She wants our house to look spic and span for the engagement reception this 13 mac and Wedding reception on 1 May!

Ther is a lot more things to be renovated. They all have to wait after my retirement though.

Diyana and Syafiq have moved in into their new rented house in Taman Melati. Syafiq has to remodel his Mohican hairstyle just to suit his sister.

Syazwan went to Orthopaedics Ipoh Hospital to check up his old knee and ankle's injuries.

We are planning to visit them very soon.