Thursday, November 25, 2010


Last night the three of us had a Chicken-rice dinner at Batu Buruk. It was both delicious and filling, especially after I asked for additional chicken!

After dinner we drove along KT's China Town and straight to the famous-till-now-unvisited waterfront. It was indeed an excellent piece of work with little improvements here and there to perfect the place.

First of all the was nicely done but the sight of plastic bottles and other what-not debris floating is not a welcoming sign.

Then as we all walked we saw something very embarrassing to say the least. In one gazebo there were KFC boxes and chicken left-over irresponsibly strewn on the seat and on the floor. What a shame whoever you are to behave in such a way.

The back of the houses of China town was ok I guess. The unpainted bare bricks gave it a rustic look adding history and age to the scenery. I think KT should do something extra to make it look more authentic and real.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I have dwelled on this topic before, I think. Since it was on the news yesterday I guess it is all right for me to repeat myself.

The majority of our toilets are in a bad state. The worst of course are public toilets. Not far behind are those in government institutions and also in homes.
Even toilets in places of worship are not spared.

Why? Is it not that to be clean is half of Iman?

We have to change our toilet habits. We use too much water in our toilets. Our toilets are soaking wet most of the times.

First thing first, I think we need to rebrand our toilets. Instead of calling it a toilet, why not call it a rest room? The words 'rest room' give the connotation that it should be kept clean and intellectually stimulating or just it should make us relax while occupying it.

Why is that our toilets stink worst than those in the West. I know for a fact that toilets in China are worst than ours as far as stinking level is concerned.

I think we all have seen how they do it in movies. They just let their pants go down to their ankles and then they sit on the toilet seat and do their thing. They read while waiting for their wastes to be discharged!

We can't do that in our toilets. Our pant and underwear will be soaking wet as soon as they hit the floor.

I think Idris Jala should form a lab to overcome the sorry state of our toilets!

Sunday, November 21, 2010


It has always been very irritating going out for food during peak holiday seasons, when most eateries are either closed or under-staffed and under-supplied.

For the past few nights, because of the rather EidulAdha holidays, we could not find a decent place for dinner.

At a restaurant in Teluk Ketapang beach a cute little girl came to us telling that they were closing, food items were already depleted. At 8.30 pm?

Then we drove on to Mama's TomYam hoping that our luck would be better. We were wrong. It was closed.

WE then drove on to Batu Buruk. Our favourite Nil Restaurant was closed too. So too we the two Hainan Chicken rice joints.

WE had no choice but just chose one of the more crowded food joints there, hoping that the food served would be better.

We were once again frustrated. This time by both the quality and quantity of food served. The battered fried squid was not only too small for its RM10 price-tag but it was also on the verge of being rotten.

The amount of noodles in Amalia's Mee Tomyam was so very little that she could count the strands!

The coconut that I ordered was far too young that there was nothing to scrape.

Last night we went around in search of place to eat. There was not many joints that were opened.

Finally we saw the restaurant. It was full of people looking for a place for dinner. The restaurant looked convincing from afar.

I ordered myself a lamb chop, Amalia and My wife again chose Mee Tomyam and Syazwan picked Nasi Goreng paprik.

My lamb chop arrived first. It was dry and over-cooked. After really putting much effort to saw my way through the pieces of lamb, I finished it within more than half an hour.

The other orders did not show up until we gave up and went to the counter to pay for whatever food that have arrived.

Nobody said sorry for our inconvenience and for the poor service. We left the restaurant very angry and hungry.

Monday, November 8, 2010


After a filling sea food dinner at the floating Umbai eat-out (thanks to Datuk Razak and Datin Yusmar) we headed out to Banda Hilir. Diyana was thinking of getting on to the River cruise and Amalia wanted to stroll along Banda Hilir streets and took some pictures.

We were shocked to see so many cars and yet so little parking spaces. We went around and around searching for a space. Luckily Diyana did all the driving.

We had to abandon our River cruise and night was just not worth it.

I think YAB Ketua Menteri Melaka proclaimed Melaka as a developed state rather too hastily. He should have perhaps wait till all the development works busily happening in the city to complete first.

So we drove back to the hotel. Amalia was grumpy for not being able to use her sister's brand new Cannon.

My wife's back pain and so too mine worsened during the night.

The first thing that i did after breakfast the next morning was to go out and find a clinic. There was one in Ayer Keroh height, just next to Yunus' Warung Anda.

I dropped by first at Warung Anda. I met Yunus' wife. She still recognized me. She told me that Yunus has passed away five years ago. I did not know.

After everybody had their breakfast we went around Melaka. First we stopped at Datuk Dr Baba's house in Taman Bahagia. It was still the same as we had lived there many years ago. Aiman was now a handsome boy with a brace. Anis turned out into quite a cute girl.

After Datuk Dr Baba's house we stopped at Nawayai's house. We had a long chat and the fried noodle Suhaibah prepared was delicious!

At two we left Melaka for Kemaman....

Monday, November 1, 2010


Last night was my last night in the house that I have rented for the past three months. It was actually a homestay house in Permint Perdana in Kg Batin. It was owned by the successful local optometrist, Hj. Senadi.

For the past three months I came back to the house not earlier than 6.30 everyday, took a short rest, prepare dinner, took evening bath, had early dinner, perform maghrib prayers, recite the holy Al-Quran, watch tv and soon dozed off...

That was life for me, living all alone in the house. I only knew two neighbours. That too we seldom met and let alone had long chat with.

That must have been the loneliest three months I ever had. Despite the loneliness, I did enjoy my life now, to tell you the truth.

This evening after work I will be heading to my new house, somewhere near the airport.

Actually I have paid last month's rental for the house, but I just do not move in as yet.

Why? The house is empty. I have requested Nik Azhar, the owner to place 'tikar getah' to cover the bare cement floor and he has done it.

I have bought myself a bed and a mattress. I think I will just sleep tonight. No sofa, no tv, no cupboard, no dining table, no stove, etc.

My daughter pestered me to get me a tv...of which I will do it asap...can't imagine sitting alone in the house without a tv set.

But, there are plenty of food joints here...I think most probably I will not cook anymore for dinner..ha ha

One more thing, Tok Jembal is where I spent quite some time when I was an adolescent...Need time to explore, see whether there is any place that will tick my memories....