Friday, February 27, 2009


"You buy a lot of rice, Sir?" Candace, a salesgirl at Kroger (Athens Georgia) asked me as she realized that I bought far too much rice.

"Yes, I do. We eat rice two to three times a day."

"You mean your wife cooks three times a day?"

"Yes! She cooks for breakfast, lunch and dinner!"

That is what she had been and still is actively doing for the past 26 years plus - taking good care of us by cooking delicious food day in and day out!

She is Datin Zainab bt Hashim, my wife, the best wife (I really mean it) a man could ever want.

Still remember during the first few months after we were married I was a little bit unsure whether her cooking was to my taste. You know me, I just liked what my mother cooked.

Surprising many, she was like a duck to water as far as cooking was concerned. With her vocational training, in no time I felt in love with all that she cooked.

In the early years of our marriage she was still working - as a hostel supervisor in SMU Khairiah in KT. She was and still is a very good time manager. She divided her time well, between working and house-keeping - cooking as well as other chores.

When our first baby came, she knew how to take care of her as if she had babies before!

What fascinated many is how she can cook so many dishes in such a short time. She is to me, a multi-tasking and multi-lateral thinking lady. At the same time she cuts the vegies, fry the fish and blend the spices.

So, within half an hour, she has prepared three dishes - sea-food tomyam, deep-fried groupers and finger-licking giant prawn curry.

Children will always miss her cooking when they were away. Her tom-yam is the talk of town and so too are many of her dishes.

Besides cooking, she is exceptionally good in decorating and arranging the house. A bouquet of dried flowers here and a bouquet of plastic orchids there and soon the living hall is turned into a hotel lounge.

She really takes care to make sure that our house is clean - no dirty clothes lying around and no dust on furnitures.

As she turned 49 a few days back, I knew that I had made the right choice. She is indeed destined to be my partner, a soul-mate and a friend.

I know that I cannot afford to shower her with gifts, gold and diamond rings, but my love for her is beyond compare and no words could describe it good enough.

Only God could repay her for all her troubles and hardship living with me all these while and raising our five children.

To you all my children, please take care of your mother now and forever. I know that she may nag sometimes, especially when she is tired and you don't offer any assistance, she is still the best mother any child would wish to have.

Thank you Datin, may we be always blessed by Allah and live happily ever after till our last beath. Amin.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

FMD in Pahang - TV3

I saw it, I mean the news about some cattle falling sick, on TV3 8 o'clock news.

At first I thought, as usual, that it must be cattle with FMD in Kelantan.

I was dead wrong. They were Pahang cattle. A Mak Cik from Kg Padang complained, as-a-matter-of-factly, that she had contacted our office in Kuantan and a lady told her that the veterinarian was out of town!

That was bad, man! The news must have attracted many as it was shown on primetime news TV3.

I was right. At 8.44 pm there it was, an sms from SS asking me the reason for the delay.

I frantically contacted everybody - Dr Aisah, Dr Wan Zarina and Zaiha, but nobody answered my call.

Where have all of them gone?

Finally I caught Dr Aisah. She told me that she had confirmed with Kuantan that they have never received report of the case.

I then confidently answered SS's sms telling him that we never received the report as claimed by the Mak Cik.

The next morning (today) I arrived early in office. I immediately called Dr Aisah, Dr Wan Zarina and others for a quick meeting.

A quick check with the telephonist confirmed that somebody had indeed contacted her about the outbreak, but she naively told that the officer was not in. She was in a SMVP workshop.

Two teams were then immediately ordered to the area.

That Mak Cik at first scolded the district team - "Why only now when it was out on TV3, you all come ?"

When Dr Aisah's team arrived at the scene, she was more friendly. "Why don't you tell me earlier that you're coming? I could have asked a man to build the crush for you."

That was fast. That was how to calm down a woman. We have to be smart to tackle such a person.

I then 'sms'ed SS assuring him that we had gone there and did all that we could do to help and stop the disease from spreading.

Thirteen cattle contracted the disease and all were given antibiotic shots. The area was disinfected with lindores. No animal movement in or out of the area order was given to prevent spread of the disease.

Most probably the outbreak was an extension from the January outbreak in Pancing Selatan.


When the public said that she was exposing too much of her body she gallantly defended herself by saying that she was just over-exposed but not naked.

When the public said that it was unbecoming of her to sit on the lap of a man not her muhrim, she again defended herself by saying that he was like a brother to her.

That was just the tip of an the moral of some of us Muslims have decayed in our never-ending search for fame, glory and wealth.

When it is clear that women have to close their aurat in public, some of them say that it is up to them what to put on and what to show off!

It is the trend of the day for these people to show off their cleavage, curves and triangles - sometimes their bold dresses make hollywood stars feel that they are fully dressed!

When it is said that a woman who plucks or shaves her bulu kening will never even smell the aroma of heaven, many do it in the name of looking beatiful.

They also know that it is sinful to modify one's physical features (save for medical cases), they proudly show off their pointed chin, over-tightened lips and cheeks.

When they know that God remind us not to near zina, they practise over-the-limit girl-boy or woman-man relationship - living together, free sex, wife or husband swapping, etc etc

Many get engaged just to have that license for freer relationship.Some of them will frown at those still without a girl or boy-friend.

To many of them having one is the in-thing and modern and without one means you are kampung, a nerd and out-dated.

Little they know that it is better to touch a pig rather than touching a member of the opposite sex that is not a muhrim.

Parents are also to blame in the propagation of these things. They condone or some of them even encourage their children to practise free and uncontrolled boy-girl-friendship.

To all parents out there, please stop whatever you are doing and think about this. We do not want our children to be like the Americans!

I know that some so-called modern women will be furious at what I am writing. I don't care and I don't give a damn. Let them be forever swept-over by the raging Western ideas.

To them, it is wrong to police the morals. To them moral issues are private and it is up to the individual to practise whatever he/she likes.

For me, it is everyone's responsibility to see that we live in the way that we are supposed to live. If you are sailing on a boat, and you see an idiot digging a hole on the floor of the boat...don't tell me that you will keep quiet and mind your own business. You are an idiot if you do so.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I am saddened by what's happening to many marriages of late. Marriages that are supposed to last till one departs this earth now ended after as short as 12 days!

The reason? I guess they have lost the real meaning of marriage. To some, especially the celebrities, marriage is something glamorous...ridiculously extravaganza hantaran money, exhorbitant wedding receptions and wedding dresses that make Bollywood actresses jealous.

To others they just marry someone out of very superficial love for the outward beauty or handsomeness of someone.

Worst still, many go after the money that one's spouse promises!

Marriage, my friends, is far more than just for material gains and sexual exploits. Materials, no matter how much, will never satisfy. Outward Beauty will fade with age. Pure Sex will lose its attractiveness when sickness and age sets in.

Marriage is a trust bestowed on us by God so that we could find peace and harmony in life so that we can be more obedient to God.

Marriage is to ensure purity of our next also to legitimise sex...prevents adultery, free sex, etc

Having said all that, there is also another phenomenon that is fast becoming a trend that sickens me greatly. It is the break-up of marriages among the very old...the 50+ age group.

Grandmas and grandpas are competing with the young ones in getting divorced!

We all have got to go back to basics when marriage is concerned. Ask ourselves why we get married in the first place.
When you can answer the question confidently then only you get yourselves in holy matrimony. Failing to do so will invite disaster, not only for you two, but worst to your children and family!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Received a call from Ismail Shamsuddin aka Pak Mat: "Just received news from a friend. Sdara Mohd Hanip, the one that you emailed everyone when he was warded in hospital Kemaman, passed away 7.15 this morning".

I was dumbfounded. Guilty feeling crept in inside me. I was guilty, no doubt. Guilty for failing to visit him after our fast and hurried first visit. My wife and I visited him in the ward just as visiting time was almost over.

I promised everybody that I would visit him later and tell about his progress. But the busy workload and all the travels prevented me from fulfilling my promise.

I quickly contacted his son (I even didn't know his name) and asked him about the details of his father's passing.

I also called Sakinan, my standard six classmate and a nurse there, asking him to trace Mohd Hanip - just to be sure that I didn't confuse another man for him. She told me that she was busy and couldn't help, but she told me that it would be unlikely for a patient with Leptospirosis to be warded for that long.

The his son answered my sms. The late Hanip passed away in KT Hospital. He would be brought back to Penang for burial.

May Allah blessed his soul and place him amongst His beloveds.


Friday, February 13, 2009

Now A Dato'

We decided to stay overnight in Vistana Kuantan so that we did not have to wake up and get ready so early in the morning. We arrived at Vistana at quarter past seven and had our dinner at Nara Tanjung Lumpur.

At Nara I met Aziz Khalid (aka Aziz Wali), a very close childhood buddy, and his wife Rahmah, my sister's close friend and a successful 'stratified cake' supplier. With them was Halim, another childhood friend. Aziz was very different - he was slim and so smartle dressed that if he was not with his wife, I was sure I would have missed him.

On the 12th February morning we woke up early and were ready for the big occassion. My wife in her turqoise kurung and I in my blue-green baju Melayu arrived at Tok Empat Mengkasar's house at five past eight. Tok empat helped me in getting dressed up the Pahang style.

We arrived at Balairong Seri at 10 past nine and had our seats at 8th row right. I was made to lead the third group of DIMP recipients.

I was strangely cool waiting for my time. A DSAP recipient made a big blunder causing a big roar from the crowd. She, perhaps out of nervousness, walked up straight to the Sultan's chair instead of standing in the first step as we all were supposed to.

I did all right as I received the award. Her Majesty jokingly said that I was still a young man when I told him that I was 55. I was the sole DIMP recipient from Pahang State Government Departments - the others were from the police, army and federal officers.

After lunch recipients flocked to the Balairong Seri again for photo session. The queue was long - why? Some people took their sweet times taking shots after shots, sometimes of their entire family!

After the ceremony we rushed home to meet my parents, still complete in the ceremonial dress, with head gear, kris and medals - just so that my parents share the pride of their son's achievement.

Congratulatory messages poured in from friends and clients alike.

Despite of the joy of partially achieving the topmost layer of Maslow's Theory of needs I was totally exhausted after it all.