Thursday, August 27, 2009


A father raped four of his daughters! A grandfather and a brother took turn raping their grandaughter and sister. An uncle raped his niece. The list goes on.

What's happening man? Were they so sexually deprived that they forgot it was their flesh and blood that they raped?

Don't tell me that they had not been well treated sexually by their spouse?

They can say anything or give excuses for their act. I don't care and don't want to listen to them.

There is no excuse whatsoever!

They should either be stoned or caned to death! If our society is too forgiving and does not want to carry out Hudud law, then punish them in such a way that they will never again repeat their barbaric act.

Castrate them! I know some people will cry against this type of punishment. They say that it is inhumane.

But don't tell me that we want this to continue on undisturbed? Who knows that there is a specific gene somewhere in the culprits that made them fulfill their lust that way.

If so, the genes just have to go. How? Just think about it...stroned them to death or give them 100 lashes of cane.

What say you?


A is an HIV positive. B is a 28-year old girl. They work in the same place. Their closeness makes A&B fall in love with each other.

The problem is B doesn't know that A is HIV positive. B says that she doesn't care if A is HIV positive after the mandatory HIV blood test if they decide to get married...and they do.

B's parents do not like A...well may be they know of A's past life...or somebody has told them about A's background...

A has been repeatedly told to think it very seriously before deciding to plunge into marriage.

Why? Because hitherto nobody, except his close family members, knows of his health problem.

Let's say his boss knows, what will happen to A? Most probably he will be fired there and then.

What about the rest of A's family? Once they know they will probably (already had in reality) boycott him.

Even B herself, don't tell me that B will still marry A if she knows his secret?

Of course now she says that she will still marry him come what may.

A knows well that if he is to marry A, the probability of her or their future babies will be infected with HIV is great....A may say that he will take wearing condom for instance, but for how long?

The thing has got to go off if they were thinking of having a baby!

A and B are inseparable now. B will always be with A come rain or shine. B's parents do not like it. For them B is too cheap...many agreed with their view.

B is not blessed with great look or body (meaning no disrespect to her). A is not that great looking either...but there is something in A that could easily make girls fall for him. Like the legendary P. Ramli used to say.."Lawa tiada, manis ada" (not handsome but sweet)

A is kind, very kind and sociable.

What is going to happen to them two? Nobody can blame A for wanting to settle down and have kids.

So too is B, who can blame her if there is somebody falling head over heel in love with her.

Again, what is their future together, if there is any?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


He had suffered so much. He had diabetes when he was still in school, so he told me when I last visited him.

Then he had to undergo a by-pass operation. That was when we were in Penang. They had to collect two veins from his legs when one failed. I just guessed when I saw long scar in both of his legs (I hope my memory is correct).

Chronic uncontrolled diabetes have many bad effects on the body.

Then he lost his sight, his hearing, his locomotion. Despite of all his medical problems, he never complained and accepted all as pre-destined.

He continued working. He just loved teaching medical students.

Both of his kidneys then failed and he had to be on dialysis machine...not the normal one that we see, his was a modern one using peritoneal dialysis.

Then gangrene set in in one of his legs. It had to be amputated.

His another leg then suffered similar problem. Doctors from IJN tried their best to repair the vessels of the leg, but they failed. It had to be amputated.

His condition worsened. From my last visit I saw tell-tale signs of his deteriorating condition.

He passed away at 12.20 pm on 24 August 2009, leaving a wife and two sons. His passing is a great loss to us all. He was the one most important person responsible for our last reunion in Kangar.

Despite of his bad health condition, he braved himself and joined the reunion. There, he always said that it might be his last reunion.

He was right. Barely a year passed since the reunion, he left us. My good friend Dr Abd. Manaf has passed away.

Rest in peace my dear friend and our prayers are always with you for you being blaessed by Allah and placed among His beloveds.


Ramadhan teaches us all to be of excellent behaviour in all aspects of life, be it our relationship with our fellow human beings and also with our Creator.

It is in this Holy Month that we all should behave well. Fasting, if properly followed, should make us modest, humble and most important thankful for the bounty that Allah has blessed us since the last Ramadhan and many many more Ramadhans to come.

Being modest and humble is asked for in Islam. Our great Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and the four chosen caliphs all lived in the humblest possible way that a human being could.

They all have great power in their hands and yet they remained modest and humble. They had never for once been boastful and arrogant in their lives.

Prophet Sulaiman was one of the richest and most powerful man in term of material property and power. He could control animals and djinns! But look at him, he still remained pious, humble and never arrogant He even took heed of the fear of ants when his army passed by.

Why? They all are people who were thankful to Allah for blessing them.

Allah ask us to be thankful both to His creation and Him. Only those who are thankful to His creation will be thankful to Him.

Never let your temporary richness blinds you. Never let satan overpowers you. You may be rich, but there are many more far richer than you.

Come to think of it, are there really rich men? Rich means having so much that you don't need any help from anyone or anything. ONLY GOD is RICH!

You may be powerful and have rows of titles in front of your name, but remember, all that can be taken away within a split of a second.

When you die, all that is left is your dead body. People normally will shy away or are even scared to stay alone with your dead body. Unless you are loved by all when you are still alive and kicking.

But, if you were arrogant and uppity when you are alive, sorry, people will just do that....leave your body alone.

To Allah, all your richness and power and titles are nothing. He is the richest and most powerful of all.

Remember, you are poor once. Many people helped you in making who you are now. You are never alone in your worldly quest. You could never have achieved what you are achieving with other people's help.

How many times have you uttered the words 'THANK YOU' to these people? When was the last time you said so to your fellow workers?

You are just starting accumulating're not yet rich, mind you. Have you reflected on you how much money have you spent and how much money have you gained so far?

Your business seems to be booming...but friend, you still have very far to go.

Don't go shouting to everyone that you are the number one and belittling others.

You're where you're now because of help given to you by so many people. Without so many people's help you're nothing.

You are outright arrogant! Your arrogance will never help you.

Remember David, the little boy who defeated the mighty Goliath? With just a pebble and a sling shot, Goliath, the arrogant, fell to the ground dead.

Many proud human civilizaton vanished from the Earth just by their sheer arrogance.

Oh how much I detest human arrogance!

Friday, August 21, 2009


God willing, tomorrow (22 August), Muslims in Malaysia and the world over (there will be a one-day difference between countries) , will start performing Ramadhan fasting.

Fasting is not merely refraining oneself from eating and drinking from dawn to dusk. It entails much more than that really. We have to perform all the recommended good deeds and refrain from those that distant you from Allah and His blessings.

Fasting has a few grades, to put it simply...ranging from the lay-man / man-on-the-street's fasting right up to Prophets' fasting.

Of course we want our fasting to be up-graded as we age. How to do it is up to us all.

Allah has promised that good deeds performed during fasting would be rewarded many times compared to the same performed in other months.

God's special offer is opened to all, All we have to do is grab it. But sadly, not many is attracted and take the offer, because of reasons known only to them.

If there are special sales in town, people will come running to grab the offer...but the Ramadhan's more than true offer, most of the times is left to be eaten away by time.

For many, Ramadhan fasting is just a culture...of feasting....lavish collection of food and drinks at the breakfast...They engorge themselves with so much food and drinks that most of the night good deeds are left undone.

To many, fasting is just a practice of postponing meal time...the missed breakfast, ten-o'clock tea, lunch and four-o'clock tea are lumped together at a big breakfast at dusk!

Then there is the preparation for Aidilfitri (Eid celebration). Too much money, time and effort are put to get cookies, new curtains, new dresses, etc etc that most often during the last two weeks of fasting mosques would be forgotten....There will be only a few rows of people at Tarawih prayers after breakfast...

Allah has also promised a very very special night called Lailatul Qadar...a night full of blessings that it is better than 1000 other nights...

Then again, there is the six-day Shawal fasting....

Welcome Ramadhan and let us all pray that we all perform Ramadhan fasting well this year...we'll never know that may be this is our last Ramadhan...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


After undergoing a one-week self quarantine and lying down at home, last Saturday we visited my parents in Kampung Bukit Kuang.

"Where have you been? Long time no see. I miss you," my father said as I made my way into his room and sat beside him on the bed.


"Yes, I really miss you, my eldest!"

That was how, my mere presence would bring joy and happiness to both of them.

I did not shower them with gifts and much money, but by just being with them, hugging them, talking to them, reminding them of the yesteryears and once in a while snipping his unkempt totally grey moustache and beard.

I could clearly see how bright and cheery were his eyes whenever I was around with him.

Once in a while he cracked up jokes, like for instance the moment when he saw pretty student nurses surrounding me when I just completed my appendectomy!

On the other hand, my mom, well I was the only one willing to sit for hours listening to her stories and sometimes sermons. She was so full of stories to tell. In a session, she skipped from one topic to another with ease. Most of the times I just sat and listened. Rarely I chipped in, fearing that she will 'kecil hati'.

Others would just left her by, unwilling to hear her stories, which were often told for the umpteenth time.

To liven up things sometimes I talked about jewel of the forest that often visited her cherry tree. They were the beautiful and mesmerizing scarlet backed and olive backed sunbirds, the yellow vented bulbuls and sometimes even the pink-necked pigeons. They were all attracted to the red juicy cherries.

These are important factors that had made me decided to have Kemaman as my retirement ground...besides being nostalgic about the place I grew up of course.

BTW this morning as I was coming down the stairs, I slipped and strained my left knee - the one with the old injury due to Osgood-Schlatter disease that I had when I was in form four.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


My wife, she heard some birds making strange noises from somewhere. At first she could not pin-point from which tree they were.

"Aboh, come and have a look...what birds are they?"

I came running to see what birds they were. There were three of them. I had never seen the like of them before.

They were big birds, jet black in colour and with a white stripe on the wings. They were playing and chasing each other, jumping from one branch to another on Mek Yah's water apple and Mata kucing trees.

Once in a while they gave out that strange voice. After about fifteen minutes in the trees, one of them flew away towards the secondary jungle next to the river just across Petronas gasline.

I wondered what species they were. They were too big for the Asian koel or drongo.

Today I saw a picture of very similar bird - Balck and with white stripe on the wing...but the birds that I saw were somewhat bigger in size...

I am not sure whether they are Black magpie or not. To you birders out there, please help me in this.

May be they were chased out from their domain in the primary jungle adjacent to the teachers' quarters. The beautiful jungle was stripped naked in just two days, leaving the road muddy and all for the sake of development.

Couldn't they practise selective felling rather that blanket destruction?


Giving is always good, no matter how small our gift is.

Giving with full of sincerity and made without us realizing it, is what everyone of us reaching for.

More so with the coming Ramadhan.

I am always sad or rather angry, frustrated at a one lady in a Nasi dagang stall in Kemaman. Her Nasi dagang is excellent no doubt about it. But her 'ungiving' act everytime she packs her RM1.50-a-pack nasi dagang makes me want to puke.

She would always scoop away a little wee bit nasi dagang everytime she packs. She does this every time and for every pack. I wonder how many grams of nasi dagang she saves doing so?

Is she saving that much really? She seems so stingy that way. Why not, instead of scooping away, scooping that extra bit into the pack? She will be giving sedekah everytime she sells a pack, and better still, she will receive an 'unknown' pahala collection later.

On the other hand, I always admire fish sellers at the market who always add extra fish over and above the amount bought!

Monday, August 17, 2009

WAS IT H1N1????

I was sick for the entire week. There was fever, sore throat, coughing (the entire Sunday night) and really bad headaches.

On Monday (10 August) morning there I was, joining in in the screening exercise at Hospital Tengku Ampuan Afzan, Kuantan.

They modified the garage into a very practical examination rooms and a pharmacy. Tents were erected in front of the examination rooms and there was already a crowd when I arrived at about 8.30 am.

The registration process was very brief. A nurse examined me. First my BP was taken using the registered a 168/90! Hypertension...then she used the manual dropped to 140/90...ah what a relief, a false alarm.

Then the temperature...38.4 C...Fever. I was then referred to a doctor in examination room 2. He looked at my throat and said that it was not that bad. He even sketched my throat showing that the tonsil was ok...

"Then why was I coughing throughout last night?"

"It was just from the've URTI, may be viral."

"H1N1 is also a virus," I said to myself, questioning the young doctor's answer. He should explain more rather than be so simple. I did not blame him, he missed my name on the shirt.

I was (that also after requesting) given a 1-day medical leave, three strips of paracetamol 500mg, a bottle of cough syrup, a thymol gargle and Piriton (for my cold).

At firs I thought that I wanted to continue working. My head was throbbing like anything...the fever persisted and the throat parched dry.

Diyana called and asked me to go on leave.

Then I decided to do so. I went home and took a 4-day leave.

I felt so weak...

Was I infected with H1N1? I did not know....

Today is 17 August...I have to attend the State Assembly Meeting...Luckily it was only a half-day affair...

The fever is still there and so is the sore throat, weakness...

Thursday, August 6, 2009


H1N1 is spreading fast. Mortality figures just passed double digit. It is now twelve.

Pity the Ministry of Health personnels. They work hard, first to contain the disease, but when that failed, they are now trying to mitigate the disease - just like my lawyer mitigating my road accident case many many years ago.

In doing so, many flu cases are just given casual examination and let go with normal flu medication, without throat swabbing. People complained. Patients are more learned now. They get worried when they or their children are not examined thoroughly and swabbed.

They do not know that public hospitals are overwhelmed with flu cases (not necessarily H1N1) and each H1N1 test is expensive and they cannot afford to test every flu case that come to the hospital!

Yesterday at the Award Giving Ceremony at the Palace, everybody was screened for signs of fever. Only those free of fever was allowed into the Balairong.

It was a wise move. People now should be more concerned of the spread of H1N1. Public gatherings in closed places, or anywhere for that matter, should be discouraged (or better be banned) unless really really necessary.

Complicating matters are the haze and the fruit season. Haze irritate our eyes and throat causing coughing. This confuses health workers. So too are rambutans.


May be now is not the time for social proximity. Social distancing is expected instead. We should be not less than 3 feet away from other people. It is not a sign of arrogance or anything like that, but it is good hygiene.

Heavy droplets from coughs and sneezes are said to be too heavy to float around and they usually fall less than 3 feet away.

Personal cleanliness is of utmost importance now. There is such thing as coughing and sneezing etiquette.

Not shaking hands with anyone we meet is no more a sign of rudeness, but more of playing smart.

If you know that you have fever, cough and flu like illness, please refrain yourselves from going out of the house. Self quarantine yourselves, even from family members.

Having said that, eat more fresh fruits. They contain vitamins that will strengthen your immunity. Get away from the haze and crowded places. If you must go there, wear mask...surgical mask is sufficient, so I was told by a medical doctor.

Do more doa and solah hajat. May Allah swt bless us and keep H1N1 at bay.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Many people think that it is easy to start a livestock farming. Have money, build animal sheds and purchase animals, then everything will be fine.


Money, no matter how much it is, will not guarantee anyone a successful livestock farm.

Even when the vision and mission is clear, livestock farming should be properly planned and implemented.

Animals are living things. They need food, enough of it and of quality to produce whatever they are expected to, be it meat, milk, wool or even feces!

The most important thing is nothing else, but food for the animals. Animals such as cattle, sheep and goats (referred as ruminants) need greed feed in the form of quality grasses and forages.

The firs thing, I mean it is, the first thing that any would-be livestock farmer should do is to ensure that he has enough green feed for the animals.

He has two choices, either to plant the grass and forages or to have another party plant them.

Only when adequate and continous supply of feed is guaranteed, he then should think of building animal shed and purchase the livestocks! Never in reverse!

Remember, the total amount of green feed a ruminant needs is about 10% of its body weight. This means a 200 kg cattle will require 20 kg of wet grass per day!

Then we have to think about the energy, the protein, and the minerals in the feed.

Also, we have to understand the feeding behaviour of the animal...a sheep is a natural does that to obtain its food - graze; a goat is a natural chooses and picks the very best of feed available, if he has the freedom to do so.

But when man intervenes as in commercial livestock farming, man tends to do things in his perspectives. He never thinks like the animals. As a result, most often, ruminants live on pellets and concentrates instead of greens!

Grasses and fodder crops have to be planted well. They do not grow just like that. They need time and caring. They need water, fertilizer, etc
Only then they will be able to be harvested at 4- week intervals. This is to ensure that the animals get high quality grasses and not only fibres!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Ramadhan is coming. Most probably it will be on the 22 August.

Ramadhan came and Ramadhan went, but what standard of fasting have I achieved so far?

The best is still the commoners' fast.

As this will be my 49th fasting I guess I have to do something to raise its standard.

It will not be easy, but I'll try.

Sadly, to the majority of Muslims here, Ramadhan is becoming more of a culture, not befitting its third pillar of Islam.

Why I say this? Because in Ramadhan people become attracted to food - all sorts of food for the breakfast. Food that are long forgotten will surface everytime Ramadhan comes.

Breakfast will turn into drinking and eating or rather over-eating activities. many people just eat and drink too much, probably paying back all that they have abstained during daytime fasting!

After breakfast, they (me included most of the time) become heavy-stomached, thus rendering them unfit for the much sought-after Tarawikh prayers.

I am making a new Ramadhan resolutions - 1) to stop eating too much at Breakfast, 2) to perform Tarawih prayers and 3) to continue Ramadhan fasting with 6-day Shawal fasting.


It is true what they said:" We miss them when they're not around."

That is what happening to us.

Now there is just the three of us in the house. No more friendly wranglings, name callings, etc between them four and the two of us.

When Amalia goes to school and I to work, she will be all alone in the house.

A meal will not be the same without our four children. A two-cup rice will not be finished with just the three of us. Lauk will often go to the waste plastic bag at the end of the day.

A totally different scenario occurs when all of us are around. Appetite will be so good that nothing ever go to waste. A four-cup rice will be finished in no time. Whatever my wife cooks will be consumed clean.

The house will come to life whenever all of them are around. No burglars or those with evil intention even dare to come close whenthey are in the house. Television will continue playing till morning...however, most of the time it is watching them!

Driving around is surely much safer with them in the car. Why? I could safely blow away my horn whenever someone do something wrong on the road, like cutting queues, passing me dangerously or throwing rubbish out of their car.

It is surely an asset to have them around. The boys, or rather the young men are all towering above me (I am tall for my generation).

The young ladies too have stood taller than their mother. Amalia, the youngest of them all, is passing Diyana in height!

Monday, August 3, 2009


The big bikers zoomed past us at neck-breakin speed, weaving in and out past cars along the Karak highway.

Diyana was concentrating hard on the road. That was her first drive up the winding hills of the highway. She was doing ok when I passed her the steering after reaching Temerloh R&R.

Only occasionally I reminded her to take the right lane when there were four five lorries and buses on the left lane. I did not want her to get bogged down between the slow-moving vehicles.

Suddenly, as we reached the highest point of the hill, we saw cars parked beside the road. On the left, just after the metal safety rail, we saw a body sprawled on the narrow grass lawn. His friend was kneeling besides him crying. Next to the body was the front wheel of the ill-fated bike. Near the concrete divider I saw a leather boot...

It was a fatal accident. The biker broke his neck. Diyana, scared to even let her mom describing the accident, continued on.

She said Alhamdulillah as she made it to Gombak R&R. Thanks God the drive was a smooth one.

She continued to Putra LRT station to fetch Syafiq. We then drove straight to my brother's house in Taman Cheras Jaya to collect my sister's brand new car.

After a quick drink, we drove on (in two cars) to Diyana's apartment in Putrajaya. Syafiq and Syazwan were busy carrying mattresses and boxes up to Diyana's room.

Her apartment reminded me when I first rented a room in Kg Melayu, Kluang. The apartment was bare. - there was no bed, chairs...just an old carpet and a mat.

After our Zuhur prayers, we left Diyana for home. The Exora was no match in term of climbing power compared to both Diyana's vios and my Citra.

We arrived home before nine. Amalia was alone in the house.