Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Passing Away of Che Loh

Syazwan received the call. Kak Na (his cousin in Seberang Takir) told him that her father (Che Loh) was no more (tak dok doh) while sobbing...

Syazwan later relayed the news to his mother. "Ma, Che Loh tak dok doh.."

Ma immediately broke down and began wailing furiously.

I remained calm and composed, trying first of all to confirm the news. Finally it was confirmed. Abdullah Abu Bakar, my 'biras' had passed away in Madinah.

He had just arrived in Madinah from a top-over in Doha on his long-awaited umrah mission. According to Reyha representative he felled down in his hotel room.

As usual when it came to family matters it became my first priority. I immediately told my family members to get ready for a drive to Kuala Terengganu.

After calling everybody breaking the sad news, off we left Taman Samudera Timur at 6.45 pm. We decided not to wait for maghrib prayers, but just go to save time. Cik Mek (my wife's sister) and her family followed us in her car.

We stopped at Beris Meraga mosque for maghrib.. After a hurried prayers we continued our journey, all impatient to reach Cik Ani's house.

The night drive was quite a challenge for me, more so with the numerous unfinsihed roadworks and 'lencongan'. The speedometer rarely reached more than a hundred km/hour level. The heavy traffic did not help much too.

We stopped at Nil Restaurant in Batu Burok for a dinner. Our stomachs had been rumbling for it was well past our usual dinner time.

We reached Cik Ani's house at half past ten. There were many well-wishers and sympathizers came and go. There was this extra sad mood in the house as well as in the neighbourhood.

Kak Long and Kak Na were swollen eyed and still clearing sobbing when they greeted us. Ma immediately embraced Cik Ani. Both of them cried.

I remember how Cik Loh was very excited and looking forward for his umrah. We talked on many things when we met during SUKMA games.

He was a straight forward man, well-liked by all young and old. I just could not believe that he was called to Allah as suddenly as that. But that was God's way. When the time comes nobody can postpone it, not even for a second.

Kak Na, still sobbing, told us that her father called twice that night. But they could not talk for their handphone batteries were running low. For that she regretted very much.

Baby (the youngest of the three girls) asked Diyana how was her father buried in Madinah and said that her father probably forgot to take his prescription...She was disturbed...

Visitors still came visiting right up to midnight...

We decided to stay another day so that we can offer our help to the family longer....The first night's tahlil was attended by surprisingly many people. The 100-over roti canai that we ordered were barely enough...

We all redha for Che Loh's demise...he was blessed to be able to be buried in the land where our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and his sahabats were laid to rest.

It was the one he left that we were worried. The fact that they were all females added to our worries.

The family was thinking that Cik Ani should move back to Kemaman where many of her siblings and relatives are...

We pray that Che Loh's roh is blessed and placed among His beloveds. Amen.

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RoyalTLady said...

Sad to read

On the demise of your family member.
ay Allah shower his soul with rahmat and rahim and let him rest in peace. Amin.