Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Some people have lost their sense of humility

Usually I do not pay much attention how another man behaves. For me it is up to him to act in any way he thinks best for him.

But, there is this man, a close relative of mine, who suddenly pisses me off whenever he is with us.

He is so uppity and outright show-offish that I just cannot tolerate him any more.

Yes, I know what he must be feeling right now. He must be at the top of the world, with all his children working and having a house bigger than many of us (except ours may be).

Well, may be it is his way of being thankful to God for the many blessings received.

The way he carries himself in public, the way he treats other people (me including) make me want to puke.

Sorry for being rude, but that is what I feel every time he opens his big mouth.

Imagine in a sad gathering recently, he went around telling people that soon one or two of his children will get married; and for each function, nothing less than 30K would be spent.

Why did he has to tell people that? Is he that filthy rich? I don't think so.

Another relative of mine who used to behave in almost similar fashion, is showing all the humility now.

That too not because he likes it, I think. But just because of the not-so-good economy right now.

He still go about doing things in grandeur style though.

Come on people, nobody is really rich when he still needs somebody to help him sometimes.

Why not be humble and keep in a low profile. A poisonous black mamba or Malaysian krait will not lose its poison just because it crawls along some lowly roots somewhere.

And a glass will always be a glass no matter how well and lavish you package it, but a diamond will still be a diamond and highly sought after by people even if it is deep in man's midnight soil! 

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