Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Lady Crying

More often than not she gave me that please-help-me-if-you-can look. We also noticed that she once, I missed 'te in a while wiped the tears from her eyes. She was crying. Her eyes were red and swollen. The man with her, could not tell  who he was to her, was in full big-biker's uniform - red and white leathing thing and boots.
He was very clear not showing any sympathy or empathy for her. All he was interested was communicating with someone else over his mobile. More than a few  times now he walked away from the table just to talk in privacy with someone somewhere.
I was sure he was talking to  another woman and he would not want her to hear what they were talking about.
She was not having anything to eat with him. She quickly changed from eating in to eating away.
A few minutes later and after Diyana's reminders for us not to be busy body, I missed the 'the end' of their melodrama. He was on his bike bike and she was quickly out of the Thai restaurant and out of our sight. But one thing very clear was that they departed from each other and went separate ways.
It was ironic- there we were celebrating our 29thwedding anniversary and just a few metres away, theye were separating!

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