Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Friends, old and new, questioned me for doing what I have been doing since my retirement - still working and living alone.

 I told them repeatedly that despite of my retirement, I still have to work and earn a living.

 I just retired from DVS and never from LIFE.

There are still mouths to feed, minds to educate, bodies to cloth, necessities to meet, life to continue and knowledge and skills to pass on.

An FB friend said that it is bad for a man of my age to stay alone 5 days in a week. He proudly told me that he enjoyed life with his family besides him after retirement.

I told him that I am proud of what I am doing now. I know, life can be a bit miserable with the distant-marriage thing and doing many things alone.

I just have to work to continue living. The one and half month leave prior to retirement had taught me that not-doing-anything-for-most-of-the-day was not a good and healthy way of life!

Too much relaxation and a life void of stress kill, or at least make you lose your mind! I don't want to be like that.

My daughter gave me another two years, after that she wanted me to call it a day and she will look after me for the rest of my life. Well, that was what she said. Reality is another thing.

I told her that I will continue working until they found me no more useful. I will work till 65, that is my goal.

I know, some of us also know and may be not many of you know that life as a weekend husband is full of trial and tribulations for marriage.

Feelings of both husband and wife can easily be disturbed by sense of insecurity, loneliness and of course, that dreaded green monster.

Delays in answering an sms or picking up calls have been misunderstood as I was doing something else. Sounds of womanly giggles from the next table during dinner as overheard during mobile conversation could easily be misunderstood as I was enjoying my dinner with the opposite sex!

I know I have gone through some difficult times a few times, but patience, maturity and my great love to my family have made me sailed through the choppy sea, quite smoothly.

To Allah I pray that I will continue be useful to my fellow human beings and age gracefully till my last breath.

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