Friday, July 24, 2009


Yesterday evening I drove home early, 4.30 to be exact.
Diyana's Toyota Vios E was ready to be driven home.

So excited I was to receive my eldest daughter's first car that I forgot that I was fasting that day. I casually accepted the salesman offer for a nescafe. I only realized that I had forgetfully broken my fast that night!

Everybody was excited with the new car. It was no Mercedes or BMW of course, but it was our first daughter's first car!

She was much more excited than us. She kept on reminding me to take the car. She also continuously asked me what did we think of the car, was it beautiful?

It was a pity that she was not the one who first drove the car.

At first she reminded me not to allow his brother to drive the car. Syazwan does not have a driving license but he drives ok, my car that is.

Later, pitying her brother perhaps, she gave her ok but Syazwan should only drive with me next to him.

God willing may be next week we will deliver the car to her. This weekend she will be in an official function at PWTC. For that she could not come back to drive around in her brand new car.

Thank you Bank Islam for the NewGrad programme. The program offers a full loan for new grads. All that is needed is the job offer letter and the degree certificate.

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