Wednesday, December 8, 2010


At this age small things can make me lose my temper. Driving behind cars driven by many Malaysian drivers is one such things.

I never claim that I'm the best driver; there is no need for me to achieve that level of perfection.

What I want is Malaysian drivers drive with common sense, realizing that they are not the only driver on the road and time is a luxury for those driving behind them.

Diving casually, taking their own sweet time on the right lane while there are someone behind trying very hard to pass is just unforgivable, to say the least.

All that is needed for such drivers is to peek into their side mirrors once in a while to see what is behind them. If they see a car trying to pass, please give way.

You are not slowing yourself by doing that. This is what most drivers think when they give way to other drivers.

Instead, you are doing a fantastic job easing traffic flow and reducing road rage among drivers.

I know you would not like it when drivers at the back give you that high beam light. Then, don't wait till he does that. Just give way, it won't hurt you at all, not your ego or social status.

And driving along the left lane does not make you travel slower, believe me. You can easily and safely overtake another car when you think the driver is driving too slow for your comfort.

Driving from Kuala Terengganu to Kemaman on Thursday afternoon is terrible. The 150 km ride can take you nearly three hours. This is worsened if there are many inconsiderate drivers on the road that day.

Cutting queues is another sin on the road. Imagine you patiently waiting on your lane when cars after cars drive by on your left, that is on the side table, wantonly intrude into the way of others.

Driving too slowly or too fats at wrong times is one characteristic of driving that I really detest. Imagine you are just nmetres away from a green traffic light and the driver in front of you is taking his sweet time and the light turned yellow by the time he reaches the line. Then he suddenly speeds up and beat the red light!


Wan Sharif said...

Dua pagi..
Aku redha Allah swt.sebagai Tuhanku
dan Islam itu sebagai carahidupku
dan Muhammad saw.sebagai Rasulku
dan Alquran sebagai ikutanku..
Mungkin ini akan mengurangkan...

Wan Sharif said...

Perhaps you can read a post by a non-muslim on "word from Rumi" at

azahar said...

I am more to educating Malaysian drivers to the ethics of driving on public roads and also safe driving. The title may be misleading some sort....