Thursday, December 2, 2010


Caliph Makmun asked an aged retiree: "How's life as an aged person?"
Retiree: "Even a pebble can make me fall. Even a strand of hair can tie me. I fall asleep in many meetings, but lay wide awake in bed. Food bores me."
Caliph: "Then, what about women?"
Retiree: "Young, beautiful women, they don't like me.."

MB Pahang's quotations on getting old:

Young and healthy - a normal thing
Young and sick - abnormal
Old and sick - normal
Old and healthy - abnormal

We retirees are required to be old and healthy..ha ha


Wan Sharif said...

To get old and healthy .. you have to work long and hard on it and then Tawakal 'alaLLAH after that

azahar said...

no need to work so hard...exrcise at least 20 minutes a day 3 days a week...

Eat sparingly and a variety of food...follow the food pyramid...

Then only tawakkal to Allah...

Berisman said...

I am abnormal-alhamdulilah!
You are welcome to my blog with the same title as this posting