Monday, January 31, 2011


Yesterday was the first day for Syazwan to collect his blood for liver enzymes monitoring at Kemaman District Hospital. The procedure was reasonably fast. It was all over before 11.00.

Thinking that it would be normal or improved, we did not pay much attention to him collecting his blood results that afternoon. So Syazwan just drove to the hospital while I was ready for Australian Open men's final and the ladies, oh they all went to Mesra mall in Kemasik.

Then Syazwan called. His Potassium level was way high. So too were his ALP. He was immediately warded.

The first thing that I asked from the staff nurse as I arrived was for him to be put in the first or second class.

"Sorry sir, District hospitals do not have first or second class wards. All we have are third class wards!"

So, Syazwan had to bear with the crammed-in condition of the ward.

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