Wednesday, February 2, 2011


It is sad, or rather depressing to see good people go down or in the position to go down and not-so-good people go up and up the socioeconomic ladder, as if no one cares.

Being an under-dog siding party and altruist, I just can't help but silently pray that they will get what they are supposed to get pretty soon.

To those not-so-good people who are at the helm, please once in a while look down. You may fall flat with a thumping blow on your ego one of these days.

The power you have now is really not yours. It is just lent to you to see how well you manage it.

You may go around, making promises along the way. So much promise you have made that you have lost count of any of them. But, remember those whom you have promised will never forget.

They will curse you for going against your promise. Remember, the doa of a victimized person, there is no barrier between him and Allah.

You have also amassed wealth, abused your position for personal and relative gains. You may have also closed one eye towards someone who needs your help badly to continue what he has been doing.

Instead of giving them a helping hand, you poison them. You intentionally find ways to see they suffer, to see they go down.

Imagine how much money, time and energy they have put towards their venture. You came and made promises. You went home leaving your sweet promises along the way.

You cut short their opportunity and laugh at their misfortune.

You gather more richness with the passing time. For you know damn well that your time is numbered.

You don't care whose feet you step on, whose feelings you hurt, as long as you reach your goal, your unquenchable greed for more and more wealth.

Finally, let me tell you this - as always life is a cycle. Now you are at the top, tomorrow you will be at the bottom. And when that time come, there will be no one to help you up.

You'll be all alone. The physical materials you have gathered while you are in power means nothing anymore. Your children, well I wonder whether you have treated them well or not. Your wife too. Was she properly looked after?

To the underdogs out there please remember that you're never alone. Out there somewhere there will be underdog-lovers who will help you when you need it most.

The time is now, or at the latest very soon. You will, once again see the light.

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