Monday, May 2, 2011


I was pretty deep in facebook. I felt pretty free expressing what I felt at various issues raised by fb friends.Until I wrote down simple cheeky words to a brother of mine. The words were: "Who's that brother? Is there anything.?" Then all hell broke loose.

I was accused of trying to break-up a marriage. Despite of my explanation, he still said that I was the one responsible for his rocking marriage. I vehemently denied. I have used fiercer words before, without any jealousy or fights before. I was informed much later that a laptop was broken to pieces soon after.

Then there was this fb friend who was going on a meeting in Riau, Indonesia. I texted him wishing him bon voyage. Then, unexplainably and out of no where, a lady fb friend  answered and the text read: "Thanks 'abang'...I'm at LCCT.."

Then a war, just short of the third world war,  broke out. I was attacked relentlessly by the lady folks in the family. Why? Just because of the word 'abang' that I thought was mistakenly sent to me?

I was accused of having an extra-marital affair, flirting with a girl of my daughter's age, being an itchy old man  and other what nots that were too dirty to be mentioned here.

I tried to explain, but failed miserably. I chose to remain quiet. I quit fb for good just to pacify the raging fire.

"Is it there any truth in people saying that fb is one of the great causes of marriage break-ups?"

 What say you?


Iris said...

Dato' no wonder seldom see your posting in FB now.Don't bother what people says. As long as we are in the right part we are innocent.

Martin Lee said...


People could misinterpret, for whatever reason, intentionally or unintentionally. FB being a public forum place, everyone could view it without secret. If we want to do something behind the back, we would not have chosen FB in the first place. The nature of FB itself, which is transparent and accessible by all will speak for itself!

FB is a good tool to keep friends in contact! We could not just because of a few people misunderstood us and give up FB. Maybe just let things cool down a bit and delete those undesirable people and carry on.

azahar said...

Here I am back to FB...