Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Our dwarf banana tree suddenly bore fruits. I remember planting it many months ago under the mango tree at a corner of our lawn. All these while, I kept it just because of its leaves, It supplied us with banana leaves for grilling fish.

Then, a few days ago, there it was, busily fruiting.

On the opposite corner, my bread-fruit tree (sukun) also gave us a big surprise. It too was bearing fruits, 8 to be exact. All these while its fallen leaves kept me busy during my weekends.

Bread-fruit has been my favourite since I was introduced to bread-fruit fritters long time ago by a boy-seller at Chow Kitt road.

I hope these are signs of good things to come in our lives. 


Iris said...

Dato' I did not know that Sukun is called Bread Fruit. I first eat it when I was in Sri Lanka and second time was in Semporna, Sabah. Its hard to find it in KT.

sarenaAB said...

Waaahh Dato', sounds like u will get busy in future... busy of picking up fruits! :) Dont forget to courrier it to Bukit Tengah! So, how's ur beloved son's enggagement day? Hope Syafiq & his fiancee will doing good & happy just like his mum&dad... :)