Thursday, July 7, 2011


July is here again. It was the month where my late son, Khairul Syakirin or just Adik to us, and I were born.

I was born a day earlier than adik (of course different years), that was on the 22 nd July.

And it was also in July, or 10th of July to be exact, adik left us all. He was called to be among His beloved past midnight July 10 at HKL after suffering from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukimia (ALL) for more than a year.

And today my wife text me asking me for the exact date adik passed away. Well, I don't blame her..It has been 20 years now since he passed away.

July has been and still is a special month to me.


waidi said...

Al-Fatihah to Syakirin. May Allah shower him with His great blessings...

Iris said...

May Allah shower him with his blessing..Amen

nurleeta said...


Melissa said...

May Allah bless him with eternal peace.