Monday, August 1, 2011


Time really flies. Without we realizing it, it is already the first Ramadhan today.

All Muslims the world over, irrespective of their ethnicity and financial and social standings, start fasting on the first Ramadhan.

Ramadhan fasting consists of much more than merely going off food and water.

We are required to distant ourselves from all that corrode our fast. There are too many things that will do just that for me to detail it out here.

Our Prophet said that many of us who fast just get hungry and thirst only.

Why did He said that? 

Because that is what most of us did during Ramadhan...abstaining from food and water, but the eyes see, the ears hear and the mouth says all those that we are not supposed to see, hear and say.

Ramadhan fasting has a few levels, from that of the man-on-the-street fasting to that of the Prophets' fasting.

We are required to improve our level of fasting year by year and not just remaining status quo...

One personal observation that warrants our attention is our too great a love for food during iftar. 

I think we spend too much time and money on all those food and drink items.

At iftar, we quickly gobbled in as much food and liquid as we could.

We waste too much food too.

And we also think too much of the Idilfitri.

Happy fasting and may our fast will be accepted by Allah and it will be a better one this year.

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