Thursday, May 24, 2012

Again I was called to mumble and nag about the standard English among us, students and adults alike.

No, I am not flagging-up English just because it is the language of our colonial masters.

It is because, like it or not, most of the present scientific presentations, be it oral or written, are in English.

Even tests and exams are also in English.

We just have to accept that English is important. I know, some of you will say what about the Japanese? The French? The Germans?

I know, they still speak and write in their mother tongue lingo.

No, I don't care about them. What I am interested now is us.

We have to be good in English, that's all.

Please, be serious and listen. We can do it. 

Look at me, a kampung boy, wandering barefoot in the beris soil of Kampung Tuan, far from English-speaking comunity and English books, still have the motivation to improve my English.

I am not bragging or blowing my own trumpet, but you may say that it was the system, we, I mean those of us born in the fifties, are good in English.

Why not look back at how we did it those years. There is no harm and nothing to be ashamed of, to shift into the reverse gear, if that will bring back the standard of English to us.


Martin Lee said...

I agree totally with you Dato'

firashah said...

dato'. can you share with me how you learn english and improve it from zero until now? i want to learn english soo badly but i don't know how. huhu..