Friday, July 25, 2008

Human versus animals

We human always like to put the blame on others. We do not realize that every time we point a finger at others four other fingers are pointing at us!

Examples are many. When a car collided with a herd of stray cattle, we immediately point fingers to the grass-eaters as the cause of the accident. Almost always DVS is made responsible.

When a tiger attacked and killed a man oh we immediately said that tigers are bad.

But the thing that I hate most is when a man misbehaves (to put it mildly), we most often will say that 'he is just like animal'.

Do we realize that animals are never is us who are often bad. Take the case of a tiger or
a crocodile attacking and kiling a man.

Why does it do so? Out of hatred? Jealousy? Fighting for worldly materials? Power? Money?

No! No! No! It does so out of desperation - to eat to live, injured and unable to hunt normal prey, food scarcity, etc etc but never the things that I have mentioned above.

When a crocodile, or a tiger or a shark attacked and killed a man almost always there will be a panic hunting down of the so-called killer. Many innocent (all animals are innocent really) animals are killed out of our uncontrolled rage.

Ironically though, when about 5,000 people are killed on our roads annually we never blame and go driver hunting!

Do you know how many animals are killed daily the world over just to feed our stomach? By the millions or may be trillions!

Many species of animals are extinct because of human hunting - either for food, fur, aphrodisiacs (they just think so, but there is no scientific evidence) etc etc

Do you know how much does a tiger costs in the black market now? RM300/kg, that was I gather from a friend. In a tiger, everything is used - skin, meat, bone, whiskers, hair, penis and even the feces!

When oil palm plantations are ravaged by elephants the first request by the owners is for the authority to kill the elephants. I really hate this. Why do elephants destroy the oil palm trees? Simple, because the planters have intruded their domain...destroying their normal food in so doing...

Yes, I know some of us will say animals kill their own kind too. You may have seen a lion killing the entire cubs of the other lion. A zebra kicking to death a zebra calf. All these are done just to make sure his gene is passed killing the other animal's offsprings, the female will soon come to heat (receptive) and mating will occur and so his genes can be passed down.

But man kills for much lesser reasons...just because the victim overtook him rudely, winking his eyes at his girlfriend, not paying the money he owed on time and so on..

In a nutshell, animals are far better than human if we do not use our mental facility correctly, control our temper etc..So, never says that a bad human being is just like animals...they will never be the same!

I remember seeing this in Atlanta Zoo way back in 1995: There was an empty cage next to a cobra's. There was a big mirror with the following wordings beneath it: "YOU ARE NOW WATCHING THE MOST POISONOUS SPECIES OF ALL"

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