Thursday, July 24, 2008

Looking out of the window

I was busy giving the final touches to the power point presentation. It was for the individual presentation for my PTK4.

Looking out of the window I saw a mother blue kingfisher busy bringing food for her youngs in a hole in the steep earth wall bordering the Institut Pengurusan Veterinar Cheras.

For the past hour I saw her diligently bringing something in her mouth that from the distance I could just made it out to be lizards and baby frogs. No wonder I had been hearing the knocking sound on the roof - it was the sound of her trying to catch the elusive lizards.

As soon as she landed in front of the hole I herad that distinct chirping of the nestlings. I guessed there were two or three of them baby chicks in there.

It was clever of her to have chosen the steep wall to build her nest. It was surely safe from prowling tom cats and mischievous children.

On the crawlers-covered and rarely cleaned perimeter fence I saw long-tailed macaques (Macaca fascicularis) parading precariously as they munched on Micania chordata (selaput tunggul) leaves. A newly born baby was seen clinging fast to its mother's belly as its mother hopped from a jackfruit tree to the fence.

Ten feet away near the swamp I saw a pair of white breasted waterhen busy looking for worms in the soft earth.

A juvenile monitor lizard scurried across the empty field and went straight into the bushes.

Up the power line above brown-throated bee-eaters were getting ready to fly after a swarm of bees in the distant.

An unidentified butterfly flew past the window, probably looking for evening nectar from a row of hibiscus in front of the parking area.

Enough of the nature escapade I finished my presentation....

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