Monday, September 8, 2008

Good luck in your UPSR

After countless extra-classes, education camps and night tuitions finally, starting from tomorrow 9 till 11 November, our Amalia will sit for her UPSR.

Tension is in the air. SK Pusat has its targets to many percentage of students to get 5 A's and so many to pass all subjects.

Students, they too have worked hard and smart all through out the year or may be even the past two years to get as many A's as possible.

Parents are tense too. Not only they have to ferry their children to school for all the extra-calsses, they too have a big responsibilitiy to see that their children perform.

As for me, I don't put that much pressure for Amalia to get 5 A's. I just make sure that she is doing her best. That she did very well. Her academic prowess progress steadily as UPSR nears.

All I ask of her is to do her best. Be herself, confident, trust her own ability and keep cool.

I know it is different with her. She always told me that she does not want to go to SBP. All she wants to do is to score 5 A's and continue her secondary schooling in nearby school.

I understand her. I know she just wants to be close to the family, her mother especially.

She knows that she can do well even if she does not join SBP. Her sister Diyana and brother Syazwan have proven that.

For me, going to boarding schools is no more a priority like during my time. I will never force my children to do anything that they do not want, more so with things that will determine their lives like education.

She is ready. We are ready too. So, go in there Amalia and do your best. You have studied well and there is nothing more to worry. Read the questions well, understand them fully and answer as best as you could in the allocated time. The rest leave it to Allah.

Our prayers are always with you. Good luck to you, your friends and all tahun 6 students.

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