Monday, September 29, 2008

Sayonara Ramadhan and Welcome Syawal

Ramadhan is lowering its curtain. In one or two days Muslims the world over will be celebrating Eid.

How much have we grabbed all the special promotional offers blessed by Allah onto us?

Or is it just fasting as usual, just abstaining from eating, drinking and sex during daytime?

Have we improved our fasting status, from a lay-man's to those of the pious and prophets'?

Only us could answer the above questions.

Are we so sure that there would be more Ramadhans for us?

What if this is our last Ramadhan?

It is sad to see people wasting the last 1-2 weeks of Ramadhan scrambling for new clothings, curtains, new furnitures, baking cookies andf what nots instead of carrying out iktikaf, increasing prayers etc.

We should by now realize that Ramadhan is not just a usual activity - it is one of the five pillars of ISLAM for the good and well-being of Muslims.

Ramadhan is never meant for us to engorge ourselves in food and drink so much so that we become heavy and lazy to perform our prayers during the nights.

We are far too conscious about preparing for iftar and syahur.

Sayonara Ramadhan 1429 and welcome Syawal 1429. I pray to ALLAH that we can still perform fasting in the next Ramadhan.

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