Thursday, February 26, 2009


When the public said that she was exposing too much of her body she gallantly defended herself by saying that she was just over-exposed but not naked.

When the public said that it was unbecoming of her to sit on the lap of a man not her muhrim, she again defended herself by saying that he was like a brother to her.

That was just the tip of an the moral of some of us Muslims have decayed in our never-ending search for fame, glory and wealth.

When it is clear that women have to close their aurat in public, some of them say that it is up to them what to put on and what to show off!

It is the trend of the day for these people to show off their cleavage, curves and triangles - sometimes their bold dresses make hollywood stars feel that they are fully dressed!

When it is said that a woman who plucks or shaves her bulu kening will never even smell the aroma of heaven, many do it in the name of looking beatiful.

They also know that it is sinful to modify one's physical features (save for medical cases), they proudly show off their pointed chin, over-tightened lips and cheeks.

When they know that God remind us not to near zina, they practise over-the-limit girl-boy or woman-man relationship - living together, free sex, wife or husband swapping, etc etc

Many get engaged just to have that license for freer relationship.Some of them will frown at those still without a girl or boy-friend.

To many of them having one is the in-thing and modern and without one means you are kampung, a nerd and out-dated.

Little they know that it is better to touch a pig rather than touching a member of the opposite sex that is not a muhrim.

Parents are also to blame in the propagation of these things. They condone or some of them even encourage their children to practise free and uncontrolled boy-girl-friendship.

To all parents out there, please stop whatever you are doing and think about this. We do not want our children to be like the Americans!

I know that some so-called modern women will be furious at what I am writing. I don't care and I don't give a damn. Let them be forever swept-over by the raging Western ideas.

To them, it is wrong to police the morals. To them moral issues are private and it is up to the individual to practise whatever he/she likes.

For me, it is everyone's responsibility to see that we live in the way that we are supposed to live. If you are sailing on a boat, and you see an idiot digging a hole on the floor of the boat...don't tell me that you will keep quiet and mind your own business. You are an idiot if you do so.

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