Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I am saddened by what's happening to many marriages of late. Marriages that are supposed to last till one departs this earth now ended after as short as 12 days!

The reason? I guess they have lost the real meaning of marriage. To some, especially the celebrities, marriage is something glamorous...ridiculously extravaganza hantaran money, exhorbitant wedding receptions and wedding dresses that make Bollywood actresses jealous.

To others they just marry someone out of very superficial love for the outward beauty or handsomeness of someone.

Worst still, many go after the money that one's spouse promises!

Marriage, my friends, is far more than just for material gains and sexual exploits. Materials, no matter how much, will never satisfy. Outward Beauty will fade with age. Pure Sex will lose its attractiveness when sickness and age sets in.

Marriage is a trust bestowed on us by God so that we could find peace and harmony in life so that we can be more obedient to God.

Marriage is to ensure purity of our next also to legitimise sex...prevents adultery, free sex, etc

Having said all that, there is also another phenomenon that is fast becoming a trend that sickens me greatly. It is the break-up of marriages among the very old...the 50+ age group.

Grandmas and grandpas are competing with the young ones in getting divorced!

We all have got to go back to basics when marriage is concerned. Ask ourselves why we get married in the first place.
When you can answer the question confidently then only you get yourselves in holy matrimony. Failing to do so will invite disaster, not only for you two, but worst to your children and family!

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