Thursday, September 10, 2009


Suddenly, and without telling his friends of his illness, Sdara Razak Ismail passed away at 4.15 pm 09/09/09.

Nobody knew that he was suffering from chronic diabetes. In fact he was on insulin jab for so long.

What saddened us more was that nobody knew about his hospitaliztion. He was hospitalized for two weeks and he was in ICU all that period.

He was so secretive about his sickness. I guess he did want to burden his friends with his health problems.

During our 55 reunion in Kangar recently, he appeared smiling as usual. He was so very close to me and others.

He was laid to rest after terawih prayers last night with about 200 people in attendance. 7 of us attended his funeral.

With his demise, there will be one more of our childhood friends leaving us for good. One after another will be going to our final destination.

We pray that your soul will be blessed by Allah and be placed among His beloveds.

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