Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lokan soup for breakfast

Do you know what Lokan is?

It is a mollusc (Polymesoda expansa) commonly found in the mangrove swamp of Malaysia. Normally they live buried in stiff mud of the landward fringe of mangrove swamp.

Finding and harvesting them in the sand-fly infested mangrove swamp is something no faint-hearted harvester should try. I know, because I was involved in many such activities when I was in the primary school.

Now, I don't go to the mangrove anymore if I want to have a taste of its tough-but- nice flesh. All I have to do is to visit Binjai Souq (new market). If I was lucky, there will be plastic bags full of them being sold for RM5/bag.

A few days ago we happened to be at the market and they were there. I bought two bags of lokan flesh.

My wife made simple but delicious lokan soup that day. We all enjoyed it very much. It was really an appetizer for breakfast and sahur!

Besides soup, lokan's flesh could also be made into hot but delicious Chili lokan. They could also be baked un-opened (with their shell on).

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