Friday, September 4, 2009


Healthwise I am not that good these couple of weeks. First there was this irritating, voice-stealing and persistent dry hacking cough. I went to the hospital thinking that I might have been infected with H1N1.

The temperature was 38.4 and the blood pressure was 165/90. Hypertension? The doctor was unsure. She retook it using the manual equipment. It was 140/90.

I was just given a one-day MC, paracetamol, chlorphenaramine (I'm not sure of the spelling) and thymol gargle. I went home and continue the leave for the entire week.

I was tired, very very tired. There was no energy in me that time. Was my daily 70-km commuting exhausted me? I didn't think has been two years now that I went through my daily commuting.

Then there was a breakfast invitation from Felda farm products. I thought that it would be just that - only eating, but I was wrong.

There was a discussion together with MARDI, DVS, FELDA and a few free lance consultants about the future of Pekan agropolitan - sheep project. The meeting lasted till 12.40 am!

Manaf invited me to put up a night in MS Garden, but I did not bring any spare shirt. So, I drove home that very night.

I reached home at 1.30. Couldn't sleep because of the cough. I only fell asleep at around 2.30.

At 5.30 my biological clocked woke me up. Still feeling groggy, I took my morning shower. Then I went down the stairs to get my shirt.

Reaching the half-way point I slipped and stretched my left knee. There was this snapping sound in the knee.

"Ah don't tell me that it breaks again!" I asked myself as I braced myself.

The pain was terrible. My wife came running to me. Like always she panicked, thinking that my old injury recurred. Actually I injured my left knee when I was in form four. The doctor told me that I had suffered from a disease called Osgood-Schlatter Disease.

I went to see a doctor for my knee. The x-ray did not show any fracture. I already knew that. It was just soft tissue injury - the young doctor said. My BP was still high. She asked me to repeat it for three consecutive days.

Because of the knee injury, I missed terawih prayers. I couldn't bend my knee!

Then came 31 August. I was supposed to attend the Independence Ceremony in Kuantan. Azlan was already on his way. I was in the toilet. Suddenly the water beneath me in the toilet bowl turned red.

Dark red Blood was shooting freely into the bowl. I had a severe hemorrhoid bleeding!

I decided not to attend the function. I sent an sms to SS telling him that I would not make it that morning. Azlan had to turn back to Kuantan when I told him that I could not come.

Now it is already 4 September. My knee still hurts and my cough persists despite of me taking in antibiotics and anti-inflammatory pills.

I pray that my health will improve before Hari Raya.


Martin Lee said...

Hope you get well soon be ready for the auspicious days of Aidilfitri!

azahar said...


Where in Kemaman do you live?
Take care of your health, go and see a doctor.

Martin Lee said...


I am still staying in Homestay hotel since beginning of July. I am scouting around areas such as Taman Geligar Pantai or Baiduri, Taman Samudera Timor, Taman Cukai Indah, Bukit Kuang areas etc if the boss so decides I am here to stay.

I went to Clinic Doshi last night, the good old doctor checked my blood pressure as 130/80 and he said I am OK. Thanks!

I hope you had fully recovered by now and looking forward to reading more of your written articles.

Wish you an early "Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!"

azahar said...

Hi Lee,

Thanks for visiting my blog...could you tell me how did you first came across my blog?

I see that the Homestay hotel is always full now. Are you happy now in Kemaman?

Thanks God I'm almost back to normal. The cough is still there, but it is ok. I guess it is just because of the dryness of the throat...

Hope you find what you are looking...

Martin Lee said...


Your blog is always interesting and you have your unique way of interpreting life! If I were not wrong I was searching on the internet about Kemaman and Terengganu and I stumbled upon your blog. I found a lot of common things written by you for being fellow Malaysians. And I read every one of your posts!

Homestay is a new hotel and people likes to stay in newly renovated budget hotel when Impiana increased the room rate. Kemaman is a cozy place and it suits my background and character!

azahar said...

Have you tasted the famous Kemaman stuffed crabs?

By the way, where are you from, I mean your hometown?

Martin Lee said...

I had tasted once at the river bend! Heard that Tong Juan is better.

My home town is Kampar Perak but I was raised up in Mambang Diawan, not so far away from Langkap, probably you have some idea where it is when you followed your constable dad's posting to that part of the country!

Karim Omar said...

Stay healthy doc.