Thursday, November 25, 2010


Last night the three of us had a Chicken-rice dinner at Batu Buruk. It was both delicious and filling, especially after I asked for additional chicken!

After dinner we drove along KT's China Town and straight to the famous-till-now-unvisited waterfront. It was indeed an excellent piece of work with little improvements here and there to perfect the place.

First of all the was nicely done but the sight of plastic bottles and other what-not debris floating is not a welcoming sign.

Then as we all walked we saw something very embarrassing to say the least. In one gazebo there were KFC boxes and chicken left-over irresponsibly strewn on the seat and on the floor. What a shame whoever you are to behave in such a way.

The back of the houses of China town was ok I guess. The unpainted bare bricks gave it a rustic look adding history and age to the scenery. I think KT should do something extra to make it look more authentic and real.


Wan Sharif said...

At loss on "to make it look more authentic and real"

azahar said...

The back of the houses fronting the road should not be renovated too much so as to lose its Chinatown identity. All that is needed is to remove mosses and lichen from the exposed brick and maintain cleanliness...