Monday, August 22, 2011


The yellow palm trees are busy fruiting. Fruit bunches are sprouting all over despite of my constant plucking.

Peeking from a window from the master bedroom, I see Yellow-vented bulbul parents coaching their fledglings on the techniques of choosing the succulent fruits for lunch.

One fledgling is very good at it, picking and eating, just like its parents. Its fluffy body tells me that it has been eating well.

Coming and go, hopping from one frond to another, sometimes irritating the bulbuls, are the forever active Glossy starlings.

I have noticed that these shiny dark green to black (depending from what angle you are watching) birds have been relocating their nests from trees to my roof.

I frequently find dead nestlings in or near the drain. They and the bats are sharing our roof as their roosting place.

These bats give me the creep. I have place lights in my roof, but they are still there.

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