Sunday, August 14, 2011


Without any reason a motorcycle suddenly ran against the back of my car.

All I heard was a knock on the rear bumper of my car as I neared Impiana Resort Cherating.

I saw a motorcyclist and his girl friend tumbling down hard on the road in the left side mirror.

"Here it goes again." I said to myself.

I gradually brought my car to a stop a few metres away, avoiding the water melons.

I got out of the car to have a look at the damage.

The left rear light was shattered to pieces. There were also scratch marks on the bumper cover.

A group of motorcyclist quickly formed at the site of the accident. A storm was brewing.

I quickly summoned Syazwan to help equalize the tension.

A boy motorcyclist approached me and asked:"How to settle the this thing?" What he meant was how much I should pay for the accident.

"Who knocked who here? He ran against my car..he should pay!"

But, here in Malaysia, we car drivers cannot claim damages from motorcyclist!

I have to pay the damage from my own car insurance and my 55% NCD!

And I have to pay the full premium come this December!


Martin Lee said...

How could the cyclist ever have the cheek to ask how to settle? It is an obvious case of the motorcyclist's fault that knocked your Mercedes from behind!

azahar said...

They tried to get easy money from me,but they failed miserably. I was far too experience in road accidents to be conned by teenagers. However, having said that, the girl pembonceng was warded for back-pain..