Friday, December 23, 2011

Paper Chase - A New Illness

Our youngest made us proud today. She scored straight A's in her PMR, and so other 18 of her friends. They were from SMKSI, the oldest secondary school in Chukai.

I am very happy to see how jubilant they were, these high-achievers. So to were their proud parents.

However, I saw sad tears in two of her best friends. They scored 7 A's and 1 B. To them and many more who scored 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7's they thought that they had done badly in PMR.

No, you haven't my dear. You have done very well, no matter what you feel and others think.

I saw a Chinese girl crying badly as she was not announced as one of the 19 who scored straight A's. She was so distraught that her mother and friends had to console her.

She was always a straight A students all these while. That's why. The pressure was so great on her to score straight A's. Scoring 6 or 7 A's was not sufficient for her, that was what she think.

The paper chase is fast putting unnecessary pressure on our children. If left unstopped, it will depress our less-mighty academic achievers.

It is not necessary to scoretraight A's to succeed in life!

Congratulation to all of your!


Al-Manar said...

I help the less privileged pupils in English, Maths and Science. They come from the less prestigious schools not far from UMT, UNISZA and Teachers' Institute. I see very little of the distressed faces. One girl came to tell that she had 5 A's, B's in Sejarah, Ugama and Geography; another one with seven A's with B in Geography. They are happy and I am more than happy that they get A's in subjects I concentrate on.

Now one university has come to know about my Almanar work and offered help, something I do not get from Institutes of higher learning around me. Hopefully, more poorer children will get the help they deserve - not to get all A's but to be educated enough in life.

Congratulations to your clever one and Happy new Year to you all.

azahar said...

Dear Al-Manar,

May Allah bless you on your good job educating the less fortunate ones. If you need help, may be I can offer the little that I have to help them too, may be in English and science.

I never give that much emphasis on my children to score straight A's in public exams. All I ask from them is to give their fullest attention to their studies as well as other soft skills.

That's why I never send her to any paid tuition classes. She only attended school tuition classes.

Thank you.

nurleeta said...

Salam..Congratulations the father !..