Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hearing from another long lost childhood friend

Another long lost friend visited my office yesterday. I was in a meeting, so he left his handphone number with Adora, my PA.

No words could describe how elated I was as I saw his name on the memo pad - Sheikh Raziff.

Wasting no time I called him. Despite all these time, his voice was still very familiar. I don't know how he looks now, but I guess he will be the same Sheikh Raziff that I used to know.

"How many children you have?"


"Your eldest?"

"Just finished his SPM and now in UiTM Seri Iskandar."

"What course?"


"So our children are in the same UiTM and in the same faculty. My son is doing Quantity Surveying."

Sheikh Razif is unique. We shared the same class in Darjah 1 in Sekolah Kebangsaan Galing, Kuantan and we were also in SDAR together.

I still remember how flabbergasted I was when he could still recognized me when we were reporting for remove class in 1967. We were separated when my father was transferred to Teluk Intan at the end of 1961. Since then I was in four different schools but he remained in SK Galing till 1966.

We have not met since leaving SDAR in 1972!


RoyalTLady said...

That's not too bad, Doc.

WE have not met since 1967...

I could imagine.......

How excited you must have been with this sudden appearance of Sheikh, YET he was not there, only his voice met yours.

azahar said...

Well at least I now know where he is. We were the top two students in Standard one...still remember vividly how we competed for the first place...

Ghaz said...

Bro Azahar, do you or Bro Shiekh has any photos of the old school, Sek Kebangsaan Galing, as I have none I would like it very much to have them for my collection.

Sek Kebangsaan Galing 1968-73
SDAR 1974-80

azahar said...

Bro. Ghazali,

So sorry I don't have it. May be I will ask Sheikh if he has any.