Monday, August 18, 2008

We are no nincompoops

I'm no politician, but just a government servant, trying to be loyal to the government of the day and carrying out my duties and responsibilities to the best of my ability to all.

But the stupid act of someone recently almost made me throw up (vomit). Using the holy Quran and the mosque he solemnly swore that YYYY had introduced his XXXXX into his ZZZZZZZZ. He claimed that he did not submit to the act voluntarily but he was 'raped' by that 61-year old man.

Who did he think the majority of us are? Nincompoops? Idiots?

No, we are not as dumb as you would like us to be. We can smell a lie a thousand miles away, more so with that smile of yours as you proudly claimed that you have been sodomized.

You are too strong to be sodomized! And he is too weak to force it on you and at 61, I am sure he could not reach that level of turgidity as you would like us to believe.

I will never accuse you of anything, but common sense tells me that you are a great liar, and the most unprofessional one at that.

If ever you want to lie, do it professionally. Don't stoop so low in so doing and smearing charcoal to you and your family's good name (of course I was flabbergasted when I saw your father gave you a peck on your (was it your forehead?) as if very proud of your act).

I am not judging you on your act, but I was just pissed of with it all...still nauseated ('muak' and geli geleman) at the scenes of a stained mattress brought up and down the court a couple of years ago)...

And stop making statements as if you are the innocent, you are the righteous and you are following syariah law. No, you are wrong. Bersumpah like you have done does not make you right, it may even ridicule you further.


Lady Dee said...

Careful Abah, "freedom" of speech in Malaysia is rather restricted, NOT anywhere near absolute.. hehe
Kang kene ISA @ charged under Seditious Act pulak.. Let them have fun "perfoming" their roles..
Yup, we are neither blind nor stupid..

azahar said...

It is is just an old man voicing his anger and frustration at that man and his supporters..They can't sue me for libel, can they?

Nila said...

proud of yOu angah!