Wednesday, August 13, 2008


She came back sobbing and sour-faced

She didn't even answer her mom

She just entered and sat motionless on the old Cleopatra sofa

Again her mom asked her why

Why did she cry?

She remained quiet still

Then, a few minutes later she spoke

"I get a B for Bahasa Malaysia."

So, that was the reason for her sobbing and crying

That was what I detest all these activities that they were having

The so-called paper chase

The so-called Terengganu is aiming to uphold her excellence in UPSR

SK Pusat is also trying her best to see that as many pupils score 5 A's

"What for?" I ask

It is just for glory sake

and not for the students' sake

Look here, A is excellent and B is Good

Why? Good is still not enough?

I know, I too scored all A's in the special exsamination in 1966 (there was no UPSR yet at the time)

But I did it with joy, with fun

Not with unnecessary stress and strain

Taking away so much of the students' and parents' time and energy

With ridiculously long hours of tuitions after tuitions

Extra classes after extra classes

More than that, it is sad to see that 'less potential' students are left out from this mad hunt for 5 A's

What will they think of the school, of the Jabatan Pelajaran and the government?

Why? Are they not Malaysians or what?

Are their parents not paying taxes?

Why should they then be discriminated?

If I am not mistaken education, at least that is what is often highlighted by the media, is free in Malaysia

If I were they, I will study hard and smart and prove them wrong

Getting 5 A's is not and never will be the sole prequisite for success in life

Getting less than 5 A's never means that you cannot succeed in life

Getting 5 A's in UPSR definitely does not mean that you can continue doing so in IPT

Getting 5 A's (this way) is just to bring fame and glory to the school, the teachers, the principals, the Department of Education, the State, The government, that is all

So, never fret my daughter...

Getting 1 B in one of the many trial exam is nothing

You have again and again perform well in the past

Our prayers are always with you

May Allah reward you with good results in your coming UPSR

Forget about the stress and tension

Go to the exam hall calmly and with poise

And answer the questions well

We will be with you irrespective of what your UPSR results will be


(^oo^) bad girl (^oo^) said...

i like......

Happy @ Home said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog for a visit.

It must be very nice for you and your wife to have your own home now. It sounds like pesky weeds are a universal problem.

I am envious that you are able to grow papayas. They would not grow in our climate, but I do love the taste of them.