Monday, August 11, 2008


It came again

The horrible hemorrhoids

Bleeding like nobody's business

Sprinkling red the toilet bowl and bathroom floor

Hemorrhoidectomy? Ligation?

No! No!

Just live with it

Have survived this far (almost three decades now)

Understand well the immediate causes

But, they are just too delicious to resist

A few days back engorged myself with ...

Freshly slaughterd juicy beef soup and korma

Steaming freshly-landed cockles enough for three

All the above resulted in me going to the toilet

Not once, not twice

But more than the usual frequency

Then came, again, the mass of connective tissue

With continuous stress and strain

and perhaps the rough handling of the soft tissue

One or more of the delicate capillaries just rupture

Causing their content to sprinkle out in an artwork fashion

Onto the bowl wall and onto the bathroom floor

The bleeding would not stop

I had to wait it out on the toilet seat

Sorry, this may be gory to some of you

But just to send the message across

I am not is just to tell people

I am grateful that I am freed of diabetes, hypertension and cardiac problem..

Hemorrhaoids, well they are just one of the lowly disease

Just live with it..

Control what you eat..

Please reduce your meat!


azahar said...

sorry for the unfinished writing. I don't know where I went wrong. The edited version did not come out

azahar said...

now it is ok

gemiarendang said...

:-) good sense of humor

ramadhan is coming, i'm sure you'll find relief.