Tuesday, June 2, 2009


The debate is hotting up - to allow or disallow one very old man, Chin Peng to come back to his home in Malaysia.

Off the cuff I'm sure most of us are against the idea. He had done far too many brutalities in his lifetime to be forgiven.

I still remember seeing with my own eyes how his followers butchered many of my father's colleague in an ambush along the Malaysia-Thai border in the sixties. Still can vividly recalled the bullet-riddled bodies and the crying widows and children.

When I asked my father about the issue he immediately said that he was totally against the idea. I knew why. He was a Police Field Force (as they were called then) sergeant once.

He had lost friends and had seen friends maimed and crippled by the communists. So it is just futile to explain to him the rationale of allowing him back.

We his children had also suffered a lot because of them, the communists.

We had to celebrate many Hari Raya Aidilfitri on our own without my father around. Worse still, he had to leave for the border one or two nights before the big day!

Once I had to make my way to the school on my own. We just moved to Tanjong Rambutan Police Field Force and for the first time I had to go back to school by train from Tg Rambutan to Tg Malim. I was just thirteen then and it was my first train ride!

Coming back to the issue of Chin Peng I think it is of everyone's interest to just let him stay outside of Malaysia. His presence here will benefit no one. His return will bring more harm to him and his haters here in Malaysia.

To you Chin Peng, stay put where you are now and reflex on what you had done and what you had ordered your people to do onto those who opposed your ideas.

Try count how many dead bodies you had directly or indirectly produced. Remember Balai Polis Bukit Kepong? I am sure you can imagine how they had died defending the Balai.

Though many of those who had fought him and his followers had passed away, the small number that still survive and their children and grandchildren still remember what you had done to them.

So, just stay where you are now and be thankful that you're still alive. Delete any idea of ever coming back to Malaysia. People here just don't want you!

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Karim Omar said...

Agree. Absolutely.