Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Time flies...suddenly our eldest, Noorul Diyana, is reporting for her first job.

This coming 1st July, she will be reporting at the Attorney General Chambers in Putrajaya. Of course we will be there, the whole family, may be minus Syafiq.

Finally, she made up her mind, with great difficulty at that. She had to choose between Security Commission, Petronas and AG Chambers.

She had to forget about Petronas for a while as they need the official release letter from Yayasan Telekom Malaysia - her sponsor.

No, she is not running away from YTM, it is just that there is no legal work there. She might end up doing sales if she was to go there. She doesn't want to do that after finishing the gruelling 4-year law degree!

Why AG? First, because it is a government department, may be YTM can accept it. Second, she can be called to the bar after one year working in AG - thus she could escape from the torture chamber of Chambering!

Still remember how proud I was when she was at the AG recently for her interview. In her all black dress and long coat, she stood tall among her other legal friends.

She was no more my small girl...she is soon to be a legal practitioner!

We hope and pray that she will be successful in her career. Who knows, may be she will be an state LA, Federal court judge, or even the Lord President...no matter what, we hope that she will have a happy life doing what she likes best.

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