Friday, June 5, 2009


WE DON'T INHERIT THE EARTH BUT BORROW IT FROM OUR GRAND AND GREAT GRANDCHILDREN - there goes the slogan emphasizing our responsibility towards up-keeping and maintaining the world we live in.

Looking after the environment is the responsibility of each and everyone of us. No one is exempted from this duty.

Still remember how I used to get into heated debate with my late uncle about the issue of the government banning the shooting of tigers.

"Why shouldn't we shoot tigers and wild pigs? Give me proof, either Holy Quran verses or hadiths!" My late uncle asked and challenged me.

It was a challenge really for me to find the proof. Well, I didn't jump straight away into it, but it took me quite some times before I found the verse.

With the help of an ustaz I found a verse saying that humans are responsible for keeping the eath in equilibrium - a broad order indeed if you think about it seriously.

What is equilibrium? The earth is created in suach a way that it is always in equilibrium. Most of the time it is the hands of us humans that disturb this equlibrium.

Go back to the tiger and wild pigs issue. Superficially we do not see the importance of the banning tiger and wild pigs shooting.

But if you dig deeper you will see the reason. Tigers, being carnivorous, are created to keep the number of herbivores and omnivores in check. With no tigers around the number of wild pigs will increase so much that they will become pests to human agricultural activities. But if there is no wild pigs around, tigers have less food and they will then turn to domestic animals such as cattle, goats and sheep as food.

The explanation is very simple, but true no doubt.

Swamps are created as natural air-conditioners, why then we unnecessarily fill them up? Then we complain why is it that it is too hot.

Jungles are created as natural reservoir of water and to prevent flooding when there is very heavy rain. Then why we fell all the trees just for the sake of development?

Hills and mountains are created as anchor of the earth and as protectors against storms and hurricanes. Then why we easily bulldozed them just to build houses?

Rivers, seas and oceans are there for many reasons. Then why we simply turn them into our giant rubbish bin?

Wild animals have a place too on this earth. We should share the earth's bounty. Do not kill just so that we could have an exotix dish and for our libido! How many animal species have become extinct and in endangered list just because some people want to fulfill their desire.

Wake up before it is too late. The earth needs our attention. Love her and she will love you more in return.

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Ginnie said...

I agree with you completely. It amazes me how selfish we humans can be ... there is little consideration of how we affect the equilibrium of the earth by our selfish "needs".