Monday, June 1, 2009

The Passing of a brother-in-law

Nordin, my brother-in-law, passed away at 7.30 Saturday's morning after being comatose for about three months.

He left a widow (my sister) and eight children.

He suffered a second attack of stroke. The doctor asked us to bring him home for there was nothing much more that they could do to him.

He was in coma ever since. Only his right hand and leg moved involuntarily from time to time.

What amazed me was his sons. They really looked after their father very well.

His good deeds when he was still alive brought many to visit him, both when he was still in coma and when he passed away.

It was strange that his passing brought many distant relatives, friends and even teachers that I had not met for years to me.

He was put to rest in a grave beneath a canopy of two large cashew nut trees. May Allah blessed him and placed him among His beloveds.

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