Thursday, August 27, 2009


A father raped four of his daughters! A grandfather and a brother took turn raping their grandaughter and sister. An uncle raped his niece. The list goes on.

What's happening man? Were they so sexually deprived that they forgot it was their flesh and blood that they raped?

Don't tell me that they had not been well treated sexually by their spouse?

They can say anything or give excuses for their act. I don't care and don't want to listen to them.

There is no excuse whatsoever!

They should either be stoned or caned to death! If our society is too forgiving and does not want to carry out Hudud law, then punish them in such a way that they will never again repeat their barbaric act.

Castrate them! I know some people will cry against this type of punishment. They say that it is inhumane.

But don't tell me that we want this to continue on undisturbed? Who knows that there is a specific gene somewhere in the culprits that made them fulfill their lust that way.

If so, the genes just have to go. How? Just think about it...stroned them to death or give them 100 lashes of cane.

What say you?


RoyalTLady said...

Feed them alive to the JAWS in the deeeeep sea!!!!!!!!!!

azahar said...

Even Jaws will not come near them...scared of their bad genes getting into them! Ha ha ha