Thursday, June 9, 2011


I am supposed to drive around almost the entire Peninsular Malaysia from the 12 to 22 June to check up on our students doing their Industrial training at several institutions and farms.

Then the dean told me to get my passport ready. We are going to Medan from 16 to 19 June. So Medan here I come. 

I had to renew my passport as it is expiring in August. For that I had to pay RM300 for the five-year new passport. 

For that I have to reschedule my visit. May be I can finish it before the end of June.

But the main issue lingering in my mind is Diyana's departure date to Turkeministan. When is it exactly? She told me this morning that it would be sometimes next week.

Don't tell me I should just let her go to a foreign country for a three-week duty without seeing her off? I do pray that I will have time to do just that before I leave for Medan.

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