Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Yes, we have moved. All members of the Faculty of Agriculture and Biotechnology have moved to the new but rather poorly finished building in Kubang Badak Campus (or more popularly known as KUSZA campus). 

The latest news is that even the Biotechnology department has received the marching order even though initially it is understood that they will stay put.

As usual, I was the first to move, that was on Thursday itself. There was nothing much to move except papers that I have to keep. I did it by myself, carrying a little at a time using two traveling bags into my car.

For me the new office is more comfortable. I do not have to drive long in the morning. It just takes me 5 minutes to reach office.

The only problem here is that Facebook is off limit. I do not know why, but they block the usage of Facebook. I just cannot understand the real issue behind this. Thus, I am lonely up here for the time being, much to the like of my wife!

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