Tuesday, June 7, 2011


She has been diagnosed with the end-stage renal failure. Not long after that her eye-sight went bad - retinopathy. All these because of her neglected diabetes.

She could not see details anymore. All she could see is blurry images.

She was also weak and could hardly walk without people's help. Her mind too suffers as the result of her condition.

The question is, who is going to look after her in the long run? My wife? I don't think so she has the energy to do it day in and day out. You know her, her own household chores already tire her body.

Her only son, well I don't think he is dependable in that respect. He has been pampered too much to know what to do without being repeatedly asked.

Her husband too. Up to now he still thinks that his wife is going to recover soon. It has never come to him that his wife may require much longer time to recover or may never recover at all.

They, as a family, have to change the way they live. Now they have an important member incapacitated, may be for life.

I do pray that her condition improves soon. As I just cannot envision how their life going to be without her being active.


Bagman and Butler said...

And I pray with you. Life is such a challenge sometimes for everyone involved.

azahar said...

Yes, she needs all the prayers. Thank you.