Thursday, June 16, 2011


This morning as I was sending Amalia to school, a very beautiful sight caught our eyes. It was a rare but a sight that would remain for a long time in our minds, especially a nature lover like me.

A mama and papa White-breasted water hens (wak wak) were crossing the road in a semi-hurry with four chicks following close behind in a line. They were still in their jet-black down feathers.

I am very happy. You want to know why? Their presence shows that the environment around Taman Samudera Timur is still pristine enough to support a family of waterhens.

I have not seen such a sight for a very long time now. It is my pray that the chicks will not fall prey to some mischievous kids or predators like the civet cats and grow to be beautiful adult waterhens like their parents.

I remember chasing after them when I was a kid very long time ago. But now I do not do that anymore. I rather see them free anytime compared to keeping them in a closure like many people prefer.

Good luck waterhens. May you continue to live happily in the what-ever-remaining bushes...

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