Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Crying Tree Stump

Everybody heard something crying aloud as soon as Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)left the tree stump that he had been using to convey his messages to his followers for a new mimbar. Initially no one knew who was crying. Then they realized that it was that tree stump. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) approached the stump and stroked it. It stopped crying as soon as the Prophet pacified it by saying that it would be with him in the Heaven.
 The message: Even a tree stump missed the prophet, what about us?


Al-Manar said...

Seeing your positive response (dated 2/1/12) to my comments on your posting, I sent you an email dated 6/1/12 which does not seem to have any reply from you. Perhaps it was your busy period and the matter was ll forgotten.

azahar said...

To which of my email address did you sent your email. Please send it to

Al-Manar said...

I have forwarded my earlier mail which was sent to your gmail address.
Thank you

azahar said...

Dear Al-Manar,

I have read your emails. So sorry for not answering them. Actually I have not opened my gmail for so long, since I was hooked to Facebook. Many commented why I did not update my blog.

I rented a house in Tok Jembal, just opposite the flying school and the airports.

My hp no. is 012 9693670. Feel free to call. I will call you later