Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I have been busy

A friend asked me why I had not been up-dating my blog for quite some time. Well, to tell you the truth, of late I have been busy with my Facebook instead.

It is just much simpler to jot a few words here and there rather on some people's wall or status than to write a story or an idea. I am so much engrossed with Fb that my children called me a grand stalker!

Also, I have been busy re-writing you know My Moments in the novel format. I am now in the last chapter. I am still thinking how to close it. It is difficult as life is still going on and there are so many things to write.

I am also busy searching for the right title for it. Anybody who can help me in coming up with an appropriate pulling title please put up your hand and give me your suggestion.

It is about my life, a son of a forever moving policeman, from 4 years old to the last few years of my life. There were animals in most parts of my moments. 

To you publishers out there, or anyone who knows or has influence on any publishers interested in giving it a go with an autobiography that I think worth publishing and reading, please give me a tinkle. May be we can work something worthwhile for all.

Then I will be continue with my other two novels. They were almost complete, but need further editing.

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