Monday, February 27, 2012


Many, my friends and my children's friends, ask me when Pappardeli restaurant is to be re-opened. Why are they asking? Don't tell me there are no other restaurants in Kemaman that they want to go.

Actually they all, me including, are missing the good food served at Pappardelli.

I always make it a point to go there almost every Thursday night after arriving from Kuala Terengganu. A bowl of shark-fin soup (don't worry, it is not that kind of shark-fin that costs hundreds of ringgit a bowl) and a plate of fried rice are a must for me.

The soup gives me the heat that soothes away muscle aches and pains of the drive.

Many just fall in love with Pappardelli. Pappardeli is unique, there is no other restaurant in Chukai that serves that kind of food - niche market and the service, well better than most.

Suddenly, the owner of the building, I have met him once during the opening free meal, gave a month's notice for the owner to close down.

I don't know for what reason he did that. Rumours have it that he was uneasy to see and heard that it was successful

I know he has all the rights to do whatever he thinks best, but to close something that is thriving, and mind you not many of our people have been successful in this line of business, just because he wanted to close was no reason at all.

I don't mind if he wants to start something there, but to let it go just like that is a sin.

Months have passed and I see the shop lot is still close The last time I drove through was last Saturday night. It was still close. Well, I saw signs that there was some works on the floor - there were rubbles there.

Meanwhile the owner, so I was told, is still waiting for the key to a shop lot next door whose owner has promised to let it to him. This time around I hope he will sign a renting agreement with the owner, just to ensure history does not repeat itself.

Meanwhile, to all Pappardelli food lovers out there, you all can still go to their outlet in KSB...but it is only open during office hours.

It looks like I have to continue missing the food...

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Watch with Vibrating Alarm said...

Open soon,I will be first customer for you.