Monday, February 27, 2012


My love for writing is forever bubbling, getting stronger all the time. I have finished one and am working hard on the other two.

The first is about my life. I wonder whether my life is worth publishing and will people buy and read the book if it ever gets published.

For me and a few friends who have peeped into parts of it, they all think that it is worth buying.

It is about my life, come to think about it as if have been arranged since very small, as a veterinarian.

It spans from the period when I was four to recently. It covers moments of my life, the times when I was with animals, different species at different time.

It covers games we, children of yesteryears used to know the fighting fish and fighting spiders hunting...

The fruits and berries we used to gather..the fallen sentul, the mushrooms, the bivalves, the shrimps, etc..

The puppy love...the first love...the school and varsity lives...and the marriage..the kids...the accidents...the success..

Losing a on and so forth...

To all publishers out there, please contact me...for I am searching for one to publish my novels...

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firashah said...

dato'. i wanna be the first buyer to buy your book. pliz tell me when it will be publish..hehe