Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dato' Dr Baba's surprise visit

There was a shining silver mercedes parked in my car porch.

"Oh! it must be Dato' Dr Baba" I said to myself as I drove in that evening.

Yes, Datin Fatimah had called my wife telling that they were coming to visit us.

I came in and saw Datin Fatimah sitting on the sofa. She is as beautiful and talkative as before.

"Where's Dr Baba?" I asked her.

"Dr Baba is upstairs performing maghrib prayers."

Soon Dr Baba and his daughter Anis came down. We shook hand and began our long chat about our lives.

Anis was no more a small girl that Syazwan used to play with. I specially remember how they two liked to play in the collapsible pool.

Now she is a full-grown sweet lady. She is doing international economy at MMU. I wish Syazwan is here - he must be excited to meet his childhood sweetheart!

Fariz, their eldest is now a pilot with MAS. I was surprised that despite of his petite size (5 ft 4 I was told by Dr Baba) he got the job.

Dr Baba has not changed much, saved for his receding hairline.

His famous fight-for-his-life story in Iraq was still fresh in our minds.

He and his wife told us in details what had happened that fateful moments in their lives. How their vehicle was rained by bullets and how his leg was severely injured.

His struggle to get back to his normal life was phenomenal. He vividly narrated to me his ordeal in various hospitals, from the one in Iraq, Amman, HUKM and Pantai Puteri Melaka.

Doctors told him that his chance of becoming normal was almost nil.

But through personal grit, courage and perseverence and many months of excruciating physiotherapy he could now walk again. Not only he could walk, but he also can drive, even over long distances.

Now he is as active in humanitarian works as ever. The last place he had gone to offer medical assistance was to Myanmar.

Dr Baba, may Allah give you continuous health so that you will continue be of service to fellow human beings in need. May many others will follow your step.

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